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Award for Sports Merit awarded in Guadalajara

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The government of Guadalajara awarded the Sports Merit recognition to 15 athletes who had good results in 2021, in addition each one received 60 thousand pesos. Few were present like Lenia Ruvalcaba from Judo, frontenista Laura Puentes, Claudia Rivas and Irving Pérez from triathlon, as well as Mónica Rodríguez from for athletics. Mayor Pablo Lemus was the one who delivered the awards.
“I want to thank that it is already a tradition to grant this distinction year after year, recognizing the best of sport and appreciating the effort we make, both athletes and our entire team to represent our State and give the best inside and outside the country”, Lenia Ruvalcaba expressed.
Although they were not at the Guadalajara Municipal Palace, they received honorable mention: El Canelo Álvarez and his coach Eddy Reynoso, as well as the pilot Checo Pérez, the golfer Carlos Ortiz, the cyclist Jessica Salazar, the diver Alejandra Orozco, among other athletes. (By Martín Navarro Vásquez)

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