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Australian Open: Voracova demands compensation after deportation – sport mix

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Now she’s turning the tables!

Tennis player Renata Voracova (38), like superstar Novak Djokovic (34), traveled to the Australian Open with an exceptional permit and wanted to compete there in doubles. But after the Serb’s visa was canceled, Voracova, who was also unvaccinated, had to believe in it.

Like Djokovic, the Czech came to the deportation hotel. Unlike him, however, she started the journey home. “I don’t have the options like Djokovic. It is number 1, economically in a completely different channel. I only had Tennis Australia attorneys to attend the interrogation, ”she says.

Photo: James Ross/AP

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Renata Voracova at the deportation hotel in MelbournePhoto: James Ross/AP

Back in the Czech Republic, she made the host Tennis Australia responsible for the debacle. In the Czech newspaper “Denik” she is demanding compensation from the Australian association.

Voracova: “It won’t be cheap. The flight 60,000 kroner (2466 euros – d. Red.) And my trainer was with me. Plus hotel, training and eventual prize money. ”She is not at a loss for a threat. “I hope that Tennis Australia will face this and that we don’t have to take legal action. It wasn’t my fault, I did everything I had to do. “

Mentally, what she had experienced took a toll on her. “I still wake up from the shock. I wouldn’t have expected anything like that in my darkest dreams. That was just too much. Until I got home, I didn’t feel safe. ”

With a vaccination, she would have avoided all of these problems. But she doesn’t say a word about it. She originally got the visa because she had Corona before Christmas. On the other hand, it is incomprehensible that he first needed the Djokovic case to also check her visa.

After entering the country, Voracova had even played a preparatory tournament. Now the women’s tennis association WTA and the player union PTPA founded by Djokovic are taking on their case.


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