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Australian Open 2022: Who’s Who in the ‘Djokovic Case’

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CWith all the ups and downs that the ‘Djokovic case’ has given since the Serbian tennis player set foot in Australia on January 5, it is not surprising that more than one have lost track of which characters have played a role, whether main or secondary, in this bizarre story. That is why at MARCA we present them to you.

Srdjan Djokovic

Father of world number 1. He was already known before everything that happened in Australia for his ‘verbal excesses’, to such an extent that he does not usually accompany Novak in the tournaments he disputes and only appears in the grand finals. He has led the protests in the streets of Belgrade, speaker in hand, for the retention of his son in a Melbourne hotel. Before all that happened, he predicted that his son would probably not accept the blackmail of Australia and that he would not play the tournament if they forced him to get vaccinated.

Dijana Djokovic

Novak’s mother. He has played a secondary role but has also criticized his son’s situation throughout the process, calling the treatment received by the winner of 20 Greats “inhumane”. In addition, he has thrown a cape at ‘Nole’ ensuring that this “I did not know yet that it was positive” by covid when I participated in various acts already infected.

Djordje Djokovic

Little brother of the Serbian tennis player. The third leg of the ‘Djokovic clan’ table. He has participated with his parents in press conferences in favor of his older brother. “My brother is not a criminal but an athlete,” said the former director of the Adria Tour. The other brother, Marko, is in Marbella.

Aleksandar Vucic

President of Serbia. He assured from the first moment that his country would fight to defend the tennis player. “I told our Novak that all of Serbia is with him and that our authorities are doing everything possible so that the harassment of the best tennis player in the world ends immediately. In accordance with all the norms of international law, Serbia fight for Novak Djokovic, for justice and truth“I declare.

Ana Brnabic

Prime Minister of Serbia. He has warned that if Djokovic skipped the mandatory fourteen-day isolation for catching covid would suppose “a serious violation” of the laws of the Balkan country. The Serbian tennis player admitted to having attended a face-to-face interview on December 18 in Belgrade despite knowing that he had caught COVID.

Nikola Selakovic

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia. Upon learning that Djokovic was being held in customs, he activated all the diplomatic machinery to help him, calling on his ambassador in Canberra, the capital of Australia, to call for the release immediately of world number one so that it could enter Australian lands.

Edoardo Artaldi

Djokovic’s agent. Supposedly he was the one who made a mistake when filling in the migration form in which they asked the Serbian tennis player if he had traveled the 14 days before moving to Australia, although ‘Nole’ has not specifically mentioned her name.

Scott Morrison

Australian Prime Minister. He put himself in profile at the beginning of the case, stating that the Health competencies belonged to the State of Victoria, but then was the first to announce on Twitter that Djokovic’s visa had been denied, that the rules are the rulesYes, no one was above them and that thanks to the strict border regulations, the country has one of the lowest death rates from Covid. Has elections in May.

Alex Hawke

Immigration minister and henchman of Scott Morrison. Is the man trained to deport Djokovic and overturn the judicial opinion that has revoked the denial of the visa. It will take him away from Australia for three years. At age 44, He has been in politics for 15 years, affiliated with the Liberal Party. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Government and Public Affairs from the University of Sydney. He enlisted in the army and served for six years rising to the rank of lieutenant in New South Wales.

Anthony Kelly

It was the judge who revoked the denial of the visa. It has been the most sympathetic Australian voice with Djokovic. Hearing the testimony of the tennis player and his lawyers, he responded with a “What else could this man have done?”. You call the Australian Government’s attitude irresponsible.

Craig Tiley

President of the Australian Tennis Federation. Advised by the Health Director of the State of Victoria was the one who suggested to the tennis players who were not vaccinated that they could enter if they had been infected six months before. Actually, he is the one who has been in contact with Djokovic’s environment explaining what could be done. He never got the approval of the central government in his actions.

Daniel Andrews

Premier of the State of Victoria. He belongs to the Labor Party. Appeared on the scene already started the conflict to remind the Djokovics that no one unvaccinated should enter Australia. He threw the stone and then hid his hand passing all the responsibility to Alex Hawke.


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