Australia cancels Novak Djokovic’s visa to enter the country for the second time

Julia Fernandez

Novak Djokovic suffers a new judicial setback in Australia. The migration minister has canceled for the second time his entry visa to the country where he would have to play the Open next week and of which he is the current champion. To enter the country you must be vaccinated or have had the disease in the previous six months. However, the Serbian tennis player has not received any doses and says that he passed the virus on December 16, but doubts hang over whether the test result was manipulated and about his behavior (he was not quarantined).

The athlete arrived in Australia a week ago and was held in a center for immigrants since his papers did not meet the requirements. Later, the Court released him because, in the magistrate’s opinion, there were no reasons to keep him there. Since then, he has trained normally and was awaiting this resolution from the Australian Government. His lawyers are already preparing a second appeal that will open the definitive doors for him to be able to play the tournament.




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