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Aurelio Paolini celebrates 102 years

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MONTEFANO – Born in 1920, he celebrated the finish line near his wife Diva, 94

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Aurelio Paolini celebrates his 102nd birthday. Together with him his wife Diva, 94 years old

The Treaty of Versailles has just been signed, leaving Germany inundated with unbridgeable war debts. In Italy, for the first time, a woman enters the Bar Association. Amid a thousand controversies, in the United States, baseball legend Babe Ruth passes from the Red Sox in Boston to the Yankees in New York. And a few days later in Montefano, on 11 January 1920, Aurelio Paolini was born.

aurelio-paolini-1022-300x400Today Aurelio, in his Montefano, blows out 102 candles together with his wife Diva, 94. Perky, dry, loved by the whole community. Unfortunately, due to Covid, his social life has been drastically reduced, but his grandfather has taken all precautions and is tris-vaccinated. Aurelio arrives at the lucky finish line after a life spent between work, bicycle, walking and… chickpeas. In fact, two years ago, on the occasion of the first century of his life celebrated, Aurelio told Cronache Maceratesi: “I eat a bit of everything, but above all – he said laughing, – I like chickpeas”. Then, more seriously, he added: “I am walking and, above all, I am serene.” A passion, that for hiking and bicycle pedals, perhaps born during the years of English imprisonment in the Second World War, where he met Fausto Coppi: «When they moved us to the Royal Palace of Caserta – Aurelio explained -, I met Fausto Coppi there. He was the captain’s driver and I worked as a waiter in the officers’ mess. I also met and served General Montgomery ». The lives of Fausto and Aurelio only got closer together in 1952, when Aurelio, by bike, from Montefano reached Macerata, where Coppi was taking part in the Giro d’Italia.

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Aurelio with his wife and children

Aurelio Paolini, one hundred years of history from the war in Africa to Fausto Coppi: “Every day I walk 5 kilometers”


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