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ATP criticizes the application of the entry rules to Australia

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Dhe men’s professional tennis organization ATP has criticized the ambiguity in the entry regulations to Australia. Respect the victims of the Australian population during the corona pandemic and the country’s strict rules, according to a statement published on Tuesday. However, complications in recent days in connection with the entry of players to Australia have shown the need for more clarity and clearer communication and application of the rules.

The events that led to the trial of Novak Djokovic’s objection to his visa revoked were detrimental to everyone involved and in particular to the well-being of the world number one and his preparation for the Australian Open. In principle, the ATP advocates vaccination against the corona virus and encourages all players to do so.

Australian government reserves the right to take further steps

Djokovic was refused entry into the country last week because the 34-year-old Serb has not been vaccinated against the coronavirus and the documentation of his medical exemption was insufficient for the authorities. That is why he was staying in a deportation hotel in Melbourne at the weekend. Because the border officials had not given him the agreed time to clarify, the decision was overturned during the hearing on Monday.

The Australian Open will be held from January 17th to 30th. Djokovic has won the tournament nine times – more often than anyone else. Whether he can actually compete in the first Grand Slam of the year is still unclear because the Australian government has reserved further steps and has not yet made a decision.


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