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by Miharu Araki

Arita shows a smile after winning the BC3 class for the first time.After the match, he said, “I’m really happy,” and he was delighted = Sky Hall Toyota.

The final of each class (mixed men and women) of the “23rd Japan Boccia Championship” was held on January 9th at Sky Hall Toyota in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture.

In the BC3 class of cerebral palsy, Masayuki Arita (Dentsu Digital) defeated Keisuke Kawamoto (Togo Town Facility Service), who won the silver medal in the pair match of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, to win the championship for the first time. Place the jack ball almost in front of the opponent at the first end. He aimed and pulled the ball, and in the final 6th throw, he pushed it with a hard hard ball to take the lead. The accuracy of pitching was high on this day, and he took 5 points by the 3rd end and led a lot. He allowed Kawamoto two points at the final end, but won.

Arita faces the competition with his wife, Chiho, who works as an assistant, on a three-legged race.

Arita switched from electric wheelchair soccer to boccia in 2017. He finished 3rd in the Japan Championship in the same year, 3rd in the following year, and lost to Kawamoto in the final in the previous tournament to finish 2nd. After that, there was a period when I couldn’t practice as I expected due to the corona, but with regret, I overcame it with my wife Chiho as a competition assistant and seized the number one position in Japan.

Looking back on the tournament, Arita said, “I used to make tactics according to my opponent, but now I’m thinking about how I can do what I want to do. “I was able to face it,” he said, “No, I finally won. I’m really happy.”

In the BC2 class of cerebral palsy, Takayuki Hirose (Nishio Rent All) defeated Hidetaka Sugimura (Izu Nursing Center) of the Tokyo Paralympic gold medal 5-1 and achieved the second straight victory. In addition, Hiroki Nitahara (Yamaguchi Prefecture Boccia Association) defeated Takumi Nakamura (Osaka Development Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center) 3-2 to win the BC1 class for cerebral palsy for the first time.

In the BC4 class with motor dysfunction, Shun Esaki (Boccia Team Brex) was defeated 6-0 by Kousuke Uchida (generally large) to win the championship for the first time. I cried in my eyes and was immersed in the joy of victory. I missed the participation in the Tokyo Paralympics and watched the game on video sites and TV during the period. The Japanese national team won the medal and said, “It was very inspiring and I wanted to stand on this stage again.” Becoming a Japanese champion who will be a step towards that goal, he tightens his mind that “there are still challenges”.

Uchida defeated Esaki and won the BC4 class for the first time.

Since April of last year, he has been practicing with healthy students at the Applied Sports Club of Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences. With support for mental and physical improvement, we will focus on technical practice. “I would like to thank my coaches and colleagues. I would like to put more effort into practice with a view to the Paris Paralympics and the next,” he said strongly.

(Interview / text / shooting / Miharu Araki)



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