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Andrew Berry: We expect Baker Mayfield to be our starter in 2022

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After qualifying for the playoffs in 2020, the expectations surrounding the Browns were high. However, Cleveland was eliminated and Given the complicated year that was lived in the FirstEnergy Stadium, there was speculation about the end of la era Baker Mayfield.

Faced with rumors that Mayfield will not return to Cleveland for 2022, general manager Andrew Berry was optimistic about a possible reconciliation with the Oklahoma alumnus. “We fully expect Baker to be our starter and recover (from his problems),” explained.

Mayfield’s year was not easy because he played the whole campaign with a shoulder injury that took him to the operating room. That ailment was reflected in his production as he finished the year with 3,010 yards and 17 touchdowns (both career lows).

The exception to the rule

Another factor that supposedly caused The burning thing between Mayfield and the Browns was Kevin Stefanski’s offensive decisions. In this regard, Berry recalled that in 2020, the 26-year-old quarterback had one of his best years as a professional (3,563 yards, 26 TDs, eight interceptions, 95.9 rating).

“At this point in the year it’s easy to forget what we’ve seen from Baker in other seasons. THe had the most productive season under Kevin,” he elaborated. “We’ve had Baker for a long time; We know his ethics, we know he’s talented, and we hope he bounces back to make improvements.”

Also, the Browns can’t part with Mayfield so easily in 2022.. The QB will be in the final year of his rookie contract. and the 18.58 million he will receive will have a hard impact on the salary cap (this sum is fully guaranteed).

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