América de Cali would bring a Spanish YouTuber; he is a 25-year-old “striker”

It is a star of YouTube, where has is identified as “Forward 09” and platform where you have more than 3.2 million followers.

In his videos he appears doing different skill challenges with various footballers world-class professionals, such as James Rodríguez, when he was at Real Madrid.

It was for this reason that the young man trilled that his arrival at the ‘red devils’ of the Valley was practically defined, but not in player condition, but as a challenger for the members of the main squad.

“Official: if all goes well, we’ll soon see you in Colombia to record soccer challenges with América de Cali,” the “influencer” tweeted.

Later, he warned that everything depends on the scarlet institution. “Proposal prepared, now we just need to pray. Who’s up for it?”

In this way, the scarlet team hopes to continue making noise with their contracts, such as that of the Spanish striker Iago Falque, who recently passed through the Italian League, and that of the Costa Rican Sharon Corrales, archer who looks like a model.

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Here, the announcement of the ‘influencer’ and the challenge he made years ago with James Rodríguez:



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