Accused of rape, Mason Greenwood unleashes the English press!

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The images are frightening, the accusations are terrible and the media outcry was not long in coming across the Channel. Accused of rape and physical violence by his girlfriend Harriet Robson, since Sunday morning, Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood (20) has been in the headlines of all the English press for a few hours. On her Instagram account, the young woman has, in fact, published pictures of her which clearly speak for themselves … ensuring, however, that the native of Bradford is responsible. With this in mind, a hashtag «FootballUnitedAgainstDomesticViolence» has since been circulating on social networks to show its support for the player’s companion.

Shocking scenes posted by the young woman showing much of her body covered in bruises, not to mention some shots where blood can be seen streaming down her chin, neck and chest from what appeared to be a gash on his lip. In addition, Greenwood’s girlfriend, who has 213,000 subscribers, also released a series of sound clips where we seem to hear Mason Greenwood trying to force sex. One of these voice notes is notably captioned by the model: “to anyone who wants to know what Mason Greenwood is really doing to me”. Heavy charges which could therefore be brought to justice in the coming hours and which propel the international of the Three Lions (a single selection) into a nightmare.

At the heart of a huge scandal, Mason Greenwood is risking a lot!

Because if the messages have since been deleted from Harriet Robson’s Instagram account, reactions have been pouring in in recent hours. Thus, Manchester United has notably decided to communicate by declaring: “We are aware of the images and allegations circulating on social media. We will not comment further until the facts are established. Manchester United does not tolerate violence of any kind.”. Separately, Greater Manchester Police also issued a statement to Mirror Football who did not confirm any names, but said she was investigating the matter.

“Greater Manchester Police are aware of the images and videos circulating on social media. Investigations are underway to establish all the circumstances., specifies the instance. And the troubles don’t stop there for the England winger as the sportswear giant Nike, which sponsors the player, also spoke out when he announced his appalling accusations: “we are deeply concerned about the troubling allegations and will continue to monitor the situation closely”, can we read in the press release published by Nike. Author of 5 goals and 1 assist in 18 Premier League matches this season, the Three Lions international (only one selection) has not yet reacted but the fear is very palpable and Mason Greenwood could lose everything in this story.



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