A brace by Nates gives Barakaldo a golden victory

Durango 1 -2 Barakaldo

The manufacturers prevail 1-2 in a direct duel against Cultural de Durango in Tabira

Barakaldo takes three gold points in a direct duel against Cultural de Durango. Both squads came into this match tied on points, fighting to enter the play-off positions. Two goals from David Nates ended up deciding the match in favor of the manufacturers in a duel that got complicated in the final minutes. In this way, the team from Gualdinegro continues among the first five places, tied on points with Basconia, which is sixth and distancing itself from the Durangarras, who fall to seventh place.

The two Biscayan teams tested each other in the first half, with no great chances to break the initial score. Neither of them managed to clearly impose their game on the other. The equality was broken by a handball penalty committed in the 55th minute by Carracedo. David Nates was in charge of launching the maximum penalty and beat Errasti with a low shot to the left. From this first goal, the game opened up and there were several dangerous actions by both teams.


errasti; Infante, Mikel López, Carracedo (Javi Alonso, min. 70), del Alba, Torre, Lejardi, Marro (Alday, min. 70), Rodellar, Alfaro, Azpiazu (Tinoco, min. 70)


Tena; Ekaitz, Alonso, Torrealdai (Juaristi, min. 88), Altair; Pedernales, Castrillejo (Calderón, min. 81), Mayo, Gallastegi (Vellisca, min. 67); Guillermo (Olasagasti, min. 88) and Nates (Txoperena, min. 81)

  • goals
    0-1; David Nates (min. 56). 0-2; David Nates (min. 66). 1-2; Ander Alday (min. 89)

  • Referee
    Jorge Rubio booked the locals Carracedo (min. 55), Alfaro (min. 76), Torre (min. 77) and Mikel López (min. 86) and the visitors Castrillejo (min. 46), Altair (min. 87) he expelled Tena (min. 88).

That acquisition of options to vary the result ended with the second goal by David Nates. Guillermo left the goal on a plate with a great pass into the gap and the Bilbao striker finished off at will to extend the advantage. The attacker continues to be the second highest scorer in the category. Now he has twelve points in his private account. The match seemed totally controlled by the manufacturers until in the 88th minute, Tena brought down a rival, committed a penalty and was sent off. Alday converted the penalty with Juaristi between the sticks and caused the end to be frenetic. Finally, the three points went to Barakaldo.



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