3rd league: HFC premiere of Meyer – Halle suddenly much wilder – football

First appearance as the new HFC coach, first bankruptcy: André Meyer (38) had to accept a 0: 1 against second division Aue at his premiere.

But: his mood remained untroubled. He was satisfied with the performance of his professionals. Meyer: “I had the feeling that the guys felt very comfortable. There was more courage in it than in the old year. “

What was particularly noticeable: Meyer’s handwriting ensured more life and more emotions on the square. The coach demanded high and aggressive pressing, switched to a three-man defense in defense, which was already attacking in phases in the opposing half.

Meyer: “That was a wild mix of everything. We deliberately exaggerated it and sometimes exaggerated it so that the boys could see what is possible. “

Halle under Meyer is now much wilder!

The best example: central defender Jannes Vollert started the pressing up to the opposing five-meter space, took out a corner at the end, open applause from the coach.

Meyer: “The players like the pace and feel good. You should trust yourself to do so, even if it can lead to mistakes. We untied the first knots in the first three days of training. We want to continue this step by step. “

So is the HFC continuing its wild ball hunt like this?

Meyer: “Our characteristic should be that we are emotional. That was a first positive start. It is also clear that we are not turning everything upside down. We only have a little time, you can’t take everything apart. “



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