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Yongin Sports Life (CEO Lee Jin-gyu), a research group for Yongin City Council members, held a seminar under the theme of “The Future Direction of the Yongin City Soccer Center”, which was scheduled to be relocated, at 2 pm on the 17th at the Yongin City Council conference room.

In this seminar Yongin Sports Life Lee Jin-gyu, Lee Chang-sik, Kim Sang-soo, Kim Un-bong, Yoo Hyang-geum, Yoon Jae-young Yongin University Industry-University Cooperation Foundation, including Professor Cheon-Jung Kim of Yongin University, participated and exchanged various opinions.

In the first part of the seminar conducted in parts 1 and 2, Professor Cheon-jung Kim of Yongin City Football Center valuation and Similar cases of soccer centers in other regions were analyzed and explained, and in particular, it was announced that now a comprehensive sports center that combines culture and accommodation is needed.

In the second part, members of the research group and Yongin University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation Professor Sung-Ki Kang and Professor Wook-Ki Kim continued an in-depth discussion on the direction of the current Yongin-si soccer center relocation. Facilities prepared for international games as it has geographical and accessibility strengths that cannot be compared with other regions They agreed that it should be equipped with an aspect as a comprehensive sports town with Gubi.

However, as the SK semiconductor industrial complex construction project is being promoted in earnest, there is a need to actively discuss the soccer center relocation plan, but the city expressed strong concerns about the lack of communication and plan for this.

CEO Lee Jin-gyu said, “The seminar was a meaningful opportunity to think about the future course of the Yongin City Football Center. “He said.

Meanwhile, the member research group “Yongin Sports Life” is composed of lawmakers Jin-gyu Lee (CEO), Chang-Sik Lee (Secretary), Sang-Soo Kim, Woon-Bong Kim, Hyang-Geum Yu, and Jae-Young Yoon (6 members in total). Research is being conducted on the subject of the need to relocate the center.

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