World champion Magnus Carlsen suggests the last World Cup

KShortly after successfully defending his title in Dubai, world chess champion Magnus Carlsen indicated that he might have played his last World Cup duel in classic chess. “For those who expect me to play the World Cup next time, the chances of disappointment are pretty good,” said the Norwegian in an interview his friend Magnus Barstad conducted for a bookmaker.

Knowledge has never been more valuable

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There could well be another title fight, but only if 18-year-old Alireza Firouzja becomes his opponent, said Carlsen. However, the 31-year-old emphasized that he did not want to quit chess. He continues to enjoy the game a lot. The Norwegian newspaper “Verdens Gang” has already spoken of the fact that Carlsen will probably give up his title in classical chess.

Carlsen had successfully defended his world title on Friday. In what ended up being a rather one-sided World Cup duel, he defended his title against his Russian challenger Jan Nepomnjaschtschi. The next title fight is actually planned for spring 2023. Carlsen’s upcoming challenger is set to be determined in late summer or autumn 2022, and Firouzja is one of the candidates. If someone else wins the candidates tournament, it is unlikely that he will play the next game in a world championship, Carlsen said in the interview.

Carlsen set the standard in chess. Anyone who thinks he’s a cool, disciplined rationalist is wrong. The world champion is so good at chess because he manages to enjoy the royal game as well as training and preparation. The world champion keeps memorizing moves much shorter than his rivals. In positions that others are bored of, he often finds details that put him on the winning road.




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