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Woj drops a big update about Klay Thompson!

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December is now here, which means Klay Thompson’s comeback, too. Adrian Wojnarowski has just given an update, something to give hope to the fans.

With a 19-3 record, the Warriors are, along with the Suns, the best team in the league. Their performances are impressive, both offensively and defensively. With this roster alone, it makes sense to have ambitions for a title, but it’s the upcoming return of Klay Thompson that seems to scare a lot of people, and that’s understandable.

Barely present in training, the shooter did not take long to unleash a first craze. Basketball is a bit like cycling, you can’t forget it. Klay proved it quickly with crazy shooting prowess, which he will want to repeat in a few weeks for his comeback on the NBA floors.

Woj drops a return date for Klay Thompson

Because yes, the Splash Brother is closer than ever to making his comeback, after more than two years of heavy injuries. Adrian Wojnarowski has just provided an important update, explaining… that Thompson is ready to play! Only here, the person does not want to come back just any old way.

“Right now, Klay could play 25/30 minutes in an NBA game. He’s ready to do that. But what Klay wants… is to be ready for the very high level. “

Woj indicates that Klay Thompson is expected to return shortly before Christmas, or soon after.

Thompson’s ambition isn’t to come back just to get 15 minutes a game. No, he wants to be ready in order to immediately return to his best level, so as not to penalize his own and provide a new advantage. That says a lot about the player’s mentality, which is clearly determined.

Good news for Golden State, which could also operate some changes with Steph Curry. It just goes to show that habits are changing this season, all with one goal in mind: the title, and nothing else. Fans can dream.

Klay Thompson does not want to come back halfway on the NBA floors, he wants to aim for 100% right away. Be careful not to skip the steps either, but it’s a great proof of determination. We can not wait to be there.

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