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With the final siren: BG Göttingen wrestles Ulm down and climbs to 3rd place

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The BG Göttingen has finally stopped the negative series against ratiopharm Ulm – and how. In a dramatic top game in the Bundesliga basketball league, the violets won 88:86 (43:39) against Ulm on Thursday evening and after more than seven years they won again against Jaka Lakovic’s team. The match winner was once again BG top scorer Kamar Baldwin – literally at the last second.


BG coach Roel Moors had spoken of a very difficult task before the game. “Ulm is a very good team with experienced players and good shooters,” said the Belgian, describing the hosts’ strengths. And in the first few minutes, the Ulm team immediately brought these onto the floor.

ratiopharm Ulm – BG Göttingen 2021/22

The dramatic game between the BG Göttingen and ratiopharm Ulm in pictures.

© Michael Schmidt / Eibner press photo

The hosts scored four points at the start, and thoughts of the game in Würzburg woke up some people from Göttingen when the violets had completely slept through the initial phase. This time, however, the guests woke up faster: Stephen Brown scored after just three minutes to make it 4: 3.

From then on, a game developed on equal terms between two strong teams. Whereby the BG made the overall clearer, more sovereign impression and, especially on the defensive, went much more energetically to the point. The Ulmers didn’t like that at all. BG Center Philipp Hartwich in particular stood like a wall under his own basket and made the hosts sweat time and again.

Is there anything from Ratiopharm? Probably not, because the Ulm team found no means against the strong Göttingen team, especially in the first quarter. And so the violets left at 22:11. Brown, Baldwin, Mönninghoff: Everyone was allowed to – and this variability, this security, this self-confidence is perhaps what distinguishes the Göttingen company at the moment.

Ulm’s coach Lakovic pulled the rip cord shortly before the quarter break and took the first break. And this actually messed up the rhythm of the violets. With a 6-0 run, the home side, who had to do without their fans, shortened to 17:22.

The second round was as fast-paced and entertaining as the first. Whereby the BG conceded one or the other foul too much for all their aggressiveness – which in the end almost got bitter revenge.

The last quarter is tough

The Ulm team got better and better into the game. But the BG always had an answer ready. Sometimes it was Vargas with a threesome, sometimes Hartwich with a rebound. And when Per Günther shortened to 39:41 four seconds before the break, the BG-Center actually managed to counter after a great pass from Toolson.

In the third run the Ulm team got off to a better start, scored five points in a row and took the lead again after a long time. The BG was able to counter again, but overall the quarter went to the hosts at 20:16. The last section of the game was balanced at 59:59 – and it should be tough.

How did you like the performance of the BG? You can grade the players HERE!

Both teams gave each other nothing – and the BG now had to pay tribute to their many fouls. First Hartwich had to go to the bench after his fifth foul, and Kamp followed a little later. Both centers out, and that with the small rotation of the Göttingen: Many teams would have collapsed by now at the latest.

Eleven seconds before the end: The big appearance by Kamar Baldwin

The violets, however, braced themselves with all their might against defeat and fought brilliantly. When Baldwin converted two free throws to give the BG an 86:82 lead just over a minute before the end, the fans at home could hope for a win. But Ulm also countered this advance of the Göttingen in this crazy game and equalized again.

Eleven seconds before the end, BG trainer Moors took another break – and then the Baldwin Show began. The American prevailed against three Ulm players and pushed the ball into the basket with the final siren. The rest was purple cheers – and the jump to third place.

Voices for the game

Roel Moors (Head Coach BG Göttingen): “I’m incredibly proud of my players, they fought really hard. It was a difficult game against a very strong opponent. An opponent that I value very highly. I’ve seen Ulm play a lot, including in the EuroCup – that’s why I have a lot of respect for what Ulm is doing. We have a good rhythm that we used today. I think we deserved to win because we were in control most of the time. But of course that could have gone in the other direction with the Ulm qualities. “

Jaka Lakovic (head coach ratiopharm ulm): “I am of the opinion that Göttinger deserved to win. As I said before the game, Göttingen plays a strong basketball game, and they proved that again today. They led the game and were in control for the most part. We didn’t have enough energy and we didn’t make good decisions on the offensive, the Göttingen team took advantage of that. The decisive move in the end comes from talent and quality, but that’s not why we lost. We lost because Göttingen played well and we weren’t on the defensive. “



ratiopharm ulm – BG Göttingen 86:88 (39:43)

The quarters at a glance: 17:22, 22:21, 20:16, 27:29

BG Göttingen: Toolson (13 Punkte/3 Dreier), Roberson (16/2, 5 Rebounds), Vargas (17/5, 5 Rebounds), Boakye (n.e.), Hujic (3/1), Wüllner (n.e.), Hartwich (4), Mönninghoff (6/2, 5 Rebounds), Kamp, Brown Jr. (16/2), Giotis (n.e.), Baldwin (13/1, 8 Assists).

ratiopharm ulm: Christon (13 Punkte/1 Dreier, 10 Assists), Felicio (6), Blossomgame (23/3, 7 Rebounds), Günther (6/1), Thornwell (8), Stoll (n.e.), Herkenhoff (9/1), Bretzel (6), Klepeisz (1), Krimmer, Jallow (3), Zugic (11/2).

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