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Why Tokyo flag bearer Sandrine Martinet will finally go to Paris 2024

by archysport

While she was thinking of stopping her career after the Tokyo Games, where she won the title of Paralympic runner-up, the 39-year-old judokate finally decided to return to the Olympics in Paris.

At the Sports Stars in Tignes

Sandrine, how do you feel about participating in the XXth edition of the Étoiles du Sport?
Sandrine Martinet: It is a great pleasure. I have the chance to experience my third edition of these Stars on a personal level and it is really a very special moment for us Olympic and Paralympic athletes to be able to meet, discuss and have fun together. Only here can you do that. It’s a huge joy and it’s always an event that I look forward to because it re-mobilizes me. I always learn a lot of things there and I always come out hypermotivated for the future.

You say it re-mobilizes you. Does this mean that you finally decided to pursue your career and go to Paris in 2024?
Judicious question (smile). To be honest, each time, the Games represent so many sacrifices, it’s so hard to maintain her level and even to raise her each time (she lived in …

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