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“We like to play but it’s too much”

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The striker of Paris SG and the France team Kylian Mbappé was unfavorable to the idea of ​​a World Cup every two years, on the sidelines of an awards ceremony Monday in Dubai.

The World Cup is a special event because it takes place every four years […] Playing it every two years would make this competition normal, which it shouldn’t be.“, estimated the center forward on the sidelines of the Globe Soccer Awards, where he received the trophy of player of the year.

It is something incredible. This is an event that you might only play once in your life“, continued the player.

We already play 60 matches a year. The Euro, the World Cup, the League of Nations… We like to play but it’s too much. We must be able to recover, take breaks. If people want quality, emotion, good matches, we must respect the health of the players“, explained Mbappé.

Present alongside the striker of the Blues, his Polish counterpart Bayern Munich, Robert Lewandowski, is also positioned against a world biennial.

If you want to give the fans something different, you have to take a break […] If we want to play a World Cup every two years the level will go down. It is impossible for the body and the mind to perform at the same level“he estimated.

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