WCBA synthesis: Zhejiang Lectra, Jiangsu, Shandong and Hebei take lightly

Original title: WCBA synthesis: Zhejiang Lectra, Jiangsu, Shandong, and Hebei

The 2021-2022 season of the Chinese Women’s Basketball League (WCBA) on the 16th ushered in the 16th round of 4 contests. In the focus of the battle, Zhejiang Women’s Basketball team beat Jiangsu Women’s Basketball Team 92:89 and gave their opponents two consecutive defeats; Shandong Women’s Basketball Team took the Hebei Women’s Basketball team 90:63 and won four consecutive victories.

The Zhejiang women’s basketball team, which is making the final sprint for the playoffs, has encountered a strong Jiangsu women’s basketball team. In the first half, the two sides played hard to solve. The Jiangsu team took the lead in the first quarter to take a 25:19 lead, but the Zhejiang team launched a counterattack in the second quarter and chased the score to 43:46.

In the second half, the Zhejiang team became more and more brave and quickly went over the score. With Zhu Dandan hitting a three-pointer, they opened the point difference to 9 points. After that, the two sides fell into a tug-of-war, until the second half of the last quarter, the Jiangsu team launched the final counterattack. 8 seconds before the end, the Jiangsu team, which was 3 points behind, held the ball. Min sent a deadly block to help the Zhejiang team win a victory. After this campaign, the Zhejiang team’s league ranking rose to 9th, still retaining the hope of qualifying for the playoffs.

In this game, 4 Zhejiang team scored in double figures, of which Zhang Min and Wang Jiaqi scored 24 points at the same time, Wan Jiyuan contributed 18 points. For the Jiangsu team, Xu Chenyan scored 34 points.

The Shandong women’s basketball team has been in good shape recently against the Hebei women’s basketball team. The Hebei team took the lead, starting 8:0 and taking a lead of 18:14 in the first quarter. However, the Shandong team quickly adjusted their state. They played a 13:5 attack wave in the second quarter to complete the overtake.

Since then, the Shandong team has gradually shown its dominance on both ends of the offense and defense, continuously expanding the point difference, and no longer giving the opponent any chance to counterattack. In the end, they further consolidated their third place in the league with a big victory.

This campaign Shandong team Yang Hengyu scored 22 points, Li Yuan scored 18 points. Hebei team Guo Zixuan scored 14 points.

In other competitions, the Dongguan Women’s Basketball Team defeated the Shaanxi Women’s Basketball Team 84:66, and the Liaoning Women’s Basketball Team defeated the Fujian Women’s Basketball Team 79:54. (Liu Yangtao)



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