Aran Mare Akita played against Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. and lost 60-100, making the opening 14 consecutive losses.

He showed off the power of last year’s W League champion. From the start, he is defending against opponents who are fully open in both power and technology. A 19-point difference was given in the first quarter, and dark clouds were already drifting. Even so, I made a showcase by eating down with Natsuki Sunagawa’s drive and Rikako Kayo’s 3P. However, it cannot match the star corps including three silver medal members of the Tokyo Olympics (Olympic Games) such as Evelyn Mawuli. Head coach Hirofumi Kojima said, “I was overwhelmed by the style and leeway of the champion and was overwhelmed under the goal. The play of the Japanese national team is still one rank higher.” “But I was able to experience it, so I would like to use it as a reference to raise the team,” he said.

Although he couldn’t win in 21 years, the first year of his participation in the W League, he will show his first victory in the W League in the Yamanashi QB match on January 7th and 8th next year.