Video tagging was adopted by the city council

The use by the police of CCTV cameras present in the town to fight against incivism and any form of delinquency, including traffic violations and littering dumps, was one of the points discussed. during the municipal council of this Monday, December 13.

If the measure was adopted, four voices were heard against, including that of Aleksandra Djurovik and Mohamed Nougoum. Their fear: misuse to verbalize minor infractions (parking, etc.).

Claude Valéro, mayor of Paulhan, pleaded the cause of the video over-marking by evoking the significant cost generated by the deposits of litter, requiring the use of a backhoe loader to clean.

The cameras also make it possible to identify the vehicles (in particular trucks) responsible for deteriorating street furniture.

The mayor also spoke of the importance of public tranquility, indicating that the presence of cameras had made it possible to identify the perpetrators of a hit-and-run, attempted rapes, as well as young perpetrators of vandalism: “We were able to start educational work with their parents “, he said. He also recalled that only municipal police officers are authorized to view the recordings, if something happens.

Questioned, the municipal police specified that 22 cameras are operational at present (2 not yet installed), as well as a mobile “camera trap”. The videos are only viewed under judicial requisition. Following this vote, it is the prefect who must in turn give his agreement and determine which cameras can be used for this purpose.

Other points of advice

The board also approved the exceptional payment of a sum of € 1,150 for the Lou Recantou association, for the use of its new archery course, as well as the sum of € 2,000 for the association. Acap traders, in order to acquire long-term lighting equipment for the facade of the market halls in the city center.

A thought was also sent for Jean Lebreau, former elected, who died this month.

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