Video, reaction of Antonio Casale when Vargas wastes a penalty, Tolima vs Millonarios | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Millonarios was able to write a page of pure heroism this Sunday in Ibagué, but he ended up resigning himself to a draw that does not clear the way in the Betplay League home runs.

Alberto Gamero’s team fought from 29 minutes with 10 men, for the just expulsion of Emerson Rodríguez, and endured, against the leader of group B, a draw that could be a victory close to the feat when, at the end, he they sanctioned a penalty, for a debatable hand in the area.

The truth is that he was sanctioned and that Juan Pablo Vargas stood in front of the ball to collect, which he wanted to locate, more than anything, but he was very high. The possibility of a victory that would have balanced the table, that would have given a visa, incidentally, to America and the Alliance, came to nothing.

That moment of what could be and was not summarized by the journalist Antonio Casale, a reaction that the blue fans themselves have made viral: “No, no, no!”, Shouts the analyst. If he is central, why does he hit him like that? He has to burst it! “, He laments. In the middle of a talk with the artist Santiago Cruz, a well-known fan of Tolima, he revealed all his annoyance.

This is how Casale stayed at the key moment of that match in Ibagué:



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