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The hand gables are not what they were. This ball is something else. Little consistent. Helpless. It may be that this past week Covid 19 and the waterspout that it unloaded on Euskadi played a decisive role and fans opted for the comfort of the triplet and watch the games on television. It is what one thinks.

This fourth day of the Couples Championship has been poor, very poor. Both in sports and in the response of the ball. In Zeanuri, a very welcoming venue, the starting gun was fired. A cute, well-kept pediment, but with a tiny capacity. The lure of the League of Companies very suggestive. Urrutikoetxea and Aranguren against Irribarria and Rezusta.

Zaratamo’s arrived after filling his previous intervention with fragrances. His defender traveling with that mold full of irregularities. His rivals are two left-handers who use the whiplash as a deterrent. With an explosive basket they wreak havoc. Let’s not say that his repertoire is full of delicacies. Not much less. They like to explore the tall flagstones at the front. They took the victory without much fanfare.

At the classic Labrit date, two highly reputable couples met. The current champions, Elezkano II and Zabaleta, against Laso and Imaz. The most striking thing was the appearance that the candy box offered. Instead of a pediment it resembled an arid desert. The semi-empty court seats. The Navarrese who are faithful to the ball took those of Villadiego.

The Biscayan and the giant from Etxarren, who couple on the field like two Siamese twins, overwhelmed their opponents. Zabaleta, who has a barrel on his right, opened the finishing spigot for his partner who got fed up with curling the curl. Laso’s behavior surprised me. He lost his place and his composure. Going into convoluted balls and very difficult to pocket.

In the Adarraga, where you could hear the roar of the Ebro, there were fewer people. A momentous event occurred. Altuna III, who had just come out on his shoulders at the Beotibar in Tolosa, was injured due to bad hands. The intendancy made up for such a striking absence with the intervention of Peio Etxeberria. Together with Martija they faced Jaka and Mariezkurrena.

In the run-up to the scoreboard, Peio and his bodyguard were sent on the scoreboard. Mariezkurrena offered a poor image in the first goals. He could not get the ball into the front. One up and one down. In the end he adjusted his crosshairs and they reached Card 22 without any problem.

The bolt was thrown on Monday in Urretxu where they celebrate Santa Lucia every year. For many years I have attended this festival. Parking was a real odyssey. Now everything has taken a Copernican turn. The lonely stands. The times change. In the headliner game, Ezkurdia and Tolosa defeated Peña II with great difficulty, with little spark, and an Albisu who released some very long and showy balls. And we enter a new installment.




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