Two years of Alberto Gamero in Millonarios: Canteranos, style …

“I want a team of workers, of men,” was Alberto Gamero’s entry message in his official presentation on December 10, 2019. The Millonarios coach has been at the club for two years now, where his first job was to create an identity for the club The one he had when he was champion as a player.

In a few months the team began to have a very daring idea of ​​the game, however, the pandemic delayed everything and the union of the group was worked virtually. What happened changed the DT’s mentality and challenged him to lead a group from a distance for the first time. “This pandemic is going to give us all a great lesson in life, not just footballers or coaches, “he assured AS.

In two years, Alberto Gamero has achieved important things in Millonarios such as the prominence of the quarry, Several youth players have managed to become figures of the team and their idea of ​​the game is one of the most praised in Colombian soccer. Possession game and high pressure in visitor and home condition.

Millionaires style of play

“I want you to always think that Millonarios is one of the best teams in Colombian soccer, then we will build values ​​that will make us win (…) QI want a millionaire who tries to play football well, high pressure wherever he goes. I am not going to vary the systems much, but I want them to know what they play when they enter the field. I want to have a team that starts the game “, until now Gamero has fulfilled the style of play that he wanted in the ambassador team.

The 4-2-3-1 has been the game system most used by the blue coach since he arrived. With the first line of ruffles it has achieved balance, the sides and ends make a modern function to go inside to add and find spaces. His area striker has always been important, in the last semester the blue attackers have fought to be the championship scorer, Cristian Arango did it in the BetPlay I-2021 League and in the second semester with Fernando Uribe.

Homegrown players who debuted with Gamero

Eight homegrown players have made their debut with Alberto Gamero. The Grassroots Football project has been a great tool for the coach that gave the opportunity to Juan Moreno, Ricardo Rosales, Dewar Victoria, Diego Abadía, Edgar Guerra, Yuber Quiñones, Emerson Rodríguez and Andrés Gómez.

All the youth players have left a good message of the coach’s support for their evolution, not only in the footballing part, but also in their personal life. “Today I can say that thanks to the teacher Gamero, the youth players have a better quality of life,” said Juan Moreno to AS.

Final in the BetPlay League I-2021

Alberto Gamero’s Millonarios reached the final of the BetPlay I League against Deportes Tolima. The Bogota team was one of the best in the championship, unfortunately they fell in El Campín on the lap before those directed by Hernán Torres. The Blues defeated important teams in the finals such as América de Cali in the quarterfinals and Junior de Barranquilla in the semifinals.

Praise to the Gamero process

On October 31, 2020, Millonarios showed category against Atlético Nacional, which at the time was directed by Juan Carlos Osorio, the coach praised the way of playing and the style of the Bogota team and assured that it was the team that played the best in the FPC.

“Millionaires had a very good example of how to play the contemporary game, to hold the ball, to control the game through possession of it, to elaborate, build and finish three times, From me to Professor Alberto Gamero, for his team I do an immense recognition, at the moment it is the best team in ColombiaThey were immensely superior, they beat us very well, “said DT.


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