Truckers shouted Champion again and qualify for TRFA

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On Wednesday, late in the afternoon, the Annual Soccer Final was held between Truckers, champion of the Apertura contest, and Germinal, monarch of the Clausura, with the qualification for the next Federal Regional Tournament being at stake in addition to the 2021 season title. Amateur 2022/2023.

BIG RIVER.- And the victory corresponded to the Green team by 1 to 0 with a goal from Jonatan Torres when the sixth minute of the second half was played. The game was very correct, beyond that they did not provide a great show and the intense wind that reigned after 7:20 pm, the time that the Grand Final began, had a lot to do with it.

Always Jonatan Torres; the scorer of Camioneros returned to give the present in the final.

It was Germinal who attacked with the wind at his back in the first 45 minutes, and despite having two clearly offensive midfielders such as Nico Gallo and Boli Peña plus two forwards with speed and power, he never managed to generate play and reach the youth goal with danger. Panchito Martínez, and after 15 minutes, when they settled on the field, it was Truckers who played better and traced the field in search of the first difference, although it also cost him a lot.

It was only in the 40th minute that Green had a clear goal situation; at the exit of a free kick to the right, the perfect center just beyond the penalty spot, found Pichi Bravo alone who headed to the far post, and when it seemed that the ball was destined for the net, a huge save by Cristian Padrón taking down the ball from the angle, and the rebound, was missed by Rubén Gallo, who with another header crashed the ball against the crossbar.

From that save, as a response Germinal in the rival goal had his best chance, kicking a corner kick past the far post, Maxi Retamales put it in the middle and when a teammate was going to connect it to the goal, Martínez sent the ball out.

In addition, Truckers came out determined to make the opening on the scoreboard, and it was 6 minutes later that they made him run to Jona Bustos on the left and when he was in front of the goalkeeper, he played the ball in the middle for the arrival of Gino Carbonell Who could not control but arrived in front of the goal, Jony Torres first kicked next to a stick and left the rival goalkeeper without reaction.

It was very difficult for those from Chacra IV to overcome the field, he pushed and pushed but could never reach the rival area, while Truckers were not fine in the opportunities they had, even more so when they also lacked creation of a collective game, but taking advantage The spaces that the rival gave him had many opportunities to define the game before.

Germinal only managed to hit balls in search of striker Gueicha, but he was almost never able to beat the central duo made up of Gallo and Rosales, and when Tulián sent fresh people to the court in the middle and above, Green populated him half of the court with recovery wheels and thus did not allow him to generate game for the forwards.

In this way, without seeing a grand finale, Truckers who were clearly superior to their rival, took the jackpot, the season title and the classification to a new Regional contest; while Germinal will have to fight next year in the Patagonian contest to get that same place.


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