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Trousers wins third place in the Estonian cross-country skiing championship

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On Thursday, Latvian cross-country skier Indulis Bikše won the third place in the Estonian championship in the ten-kilometer freestyle distance.

The trousers covered the distance in 23 minutes and 39.3 seconds, 13.5 seconds behind the winner Estonian athlete Raido Rankela and 8.6 seconds behind the second place winner Martina Himma.

Immediately behind the top three was Roberts Slotiņš, who finished 12 seconds after Bikše. Lauris Kaparkalējs took the 12th place, losing a minute and 24.8 seconds to the winner, but Gustavs Sāts finished 40, four minutes and 24.9 seconds behind the best result.

In the women’s five-kilometer freestyle competition, the best result from Latvian skiers was set by Annija Keita Sabule, who finished in 14 minutes and 57.6 seconds, with the winning Ukrainian athlete Marina Ancibora losing a minute and 5.6 seconds.

The second place was won by the Estonian Keidija Kāsika, the Ukrainian lost 8.6 seconds, and the third place was taken by Kaidija Kāsika, only 0.5 seconds behind her sister.

Kitija Auziņa took the 20th place, conceding the winner by a minute and 32.8 seconds, but Estere Volfa, with a minute and 46.3 seconds behind the best result, took the 24th place. Samanta Kampe finished in 34th place, and the winner lost two minutes in 13.3 seconds, while Elza Bleidele was 3.7 seconds behind Kampes.

47 athletes finished in the men’s competition, and 46 skiers in the women’s competition.


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