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[Trainer activity]Sakai Osteopathic Institute Group participated in “1st LINK CUP” as a medical trainer! | Press release of Sakai Osteopathic Institute Co., Ltd.

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  • “LINK CUP” Basketball Tournament About High School Students

Daily payment: December 18 (Sat) and 19 (Sun), 2021
Organizer: LINK
Sponsor: Sakai Osteopathic Institute Group, etc.
Venue: Takeokadai High School (1st day), Beeline Sports Park Aira (2nd day)
Participation target: High school students
Participating teams:
“Boy’s 6 チーム” LINK・Kagoshima High School・Muokadai High School・Kokubu High School・Kawauchi High School of Commerce and Industry・Shonan High School・(The order is different)
《Women’s 6 Teams》 LINK ・ Kagoshima Vocational High School ・ Takeokadai High School ・ Kokubu High School ・ Kawauchi High School ・ Ryusakura High School (in no particular order)
《Men’s Championship》 LINK
《Women’s Division Champion》 Kawauchi High School

[LINK that won the “1st LINK CUP” Men’s Division]

[Kawauchi High School Women’s Basketball Club, which won the “1st LINK CUP” Women’s Division]

  • Medical trainer activity of this tournament

An injured player was visiting the rescue booth of the Sakai Osteopathic Institute Group, but the medical trainer took appropriate measures and returned to the match with peace of mind.

Even after the match, the treatment was performed so that aftercare and fatigue of the injured player would not remain.

He also gave advice on how to build a body that does not hurt and how to stretch at home.

[T-shirt with the logo of the Sakai Osteopathic Institute Group who participated in the treatment and the sponsorship of the medical trainer]

  • How the Sakai Osteopathic Institute Group participated in this tournament as a sponsor

LINK, the organizer of this tournament, is a sports store centered on basketball. It holds basketball academies, clinic events, and supports the tournament, and also manages the basketball team LINK.

The Sakai Osteopathic Institute Group co-sponsored this tournament in connection with the director of the Sakai Osteopathic Institute Satsumasendai Yuichi Furukawa, who is the medical trainer of the basketball team “LINK”.

Basketball team “LINK” official Twitter

Basketball team “LINK” official Facebook

Basketball team “LINK” official Instagram

  • About Yuichi Furukawa, director of the basketball team “LINK”, and Satsumasendai, Sakai Osteopathic Institute

Yuichi Furukawa, director of the Sakai Osteopathic Institute Satsumasendai, belonged to the basketball club when he was a student and has a career in the Inter-High, Winter Cup, and National Athletic Meet.

After acquiring the national qualification of Judo rehabilitation teacher, he got a job as a Judo rehabilitation teacher in the Sakai Osteopathic Institute Group, which has 24 hospitals mainly in Fukuoka prefecture, and served as a trainer for the Fukuoka Adult Men’s National Basketball Team and the Kyushu Electric Power Basketball Team. I did.

In addition, he has been the director of Haebaru Hospital, which opened in Okinawa in 2018, for three years. I am the director of the Satsumasendai Hospital, which has opened the Sakai Osteopathic Institute.

[Director, Yuichi Furukawa, Satsumasendai Hospital, Sakai Osteopathic Institute]

<< About Sakai Osteopathic Institute Satsumasendai Hospital >>

Hospital name: Sakai Osteopathic Hospital Satsumasendai Hospital
Director: Yuichi Furukawa
Address: 〒895-0042
2855-1 Nakafukura-cho, Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Phone number: 0996-27-7577
<< About business hours >>

Closed days: Sunday, Golden Week, New Year holidays

  • About Sakai Osteopathic Institute Group

The Sakai Osteopathic Institute Group has many stores in Kyushu, mainly in Fukuoka Prefecture. As a health consultation desk that you can easily visit, we support everything from thorough treatment to recovery and injury prevention.

With regard to sports injuries, our staff with specialized knowledge supports not only injuries but also mental care so that athletes can perform at their best.

As a rescue trainer, we also actively participate in local sports competitions to support athletes. We also value communication with local people so that they can respond to physical problems of family members who come to supervise and support.

Let’s visit the Sakai Osteopathic Institute Group, which is the contact point for national medical care.

[Appearance of Sakai Osteopathic Institute Group]

The Sakai Osteopathic Clinic Group has a medical cooperation with Notame Matsuoka Clinic, and for patients when it is difficult to perform treatment at the Osteopathic Clinic or when the treatment is more effective when the clinic and Sakai Osteopathic Clinic are used together. After obtaining the explanation and consent of, we will introduce the patients to each other, so you can come to the clinic with confidence.

In addition to removing injuries and pain, we also provide exercise guidance and training advice, so if you have any physical problems, please feel free to contact us.

[Appearance of Notame Matsuoka Clinic]

♦ Notame Matsuoka Clinic HP ♦

Sakai Osteopathic Institute Group List

Medical cooperation list (affiliated clinic)

Sakai Osteopathic Institute Co., Ltd.
Location: 4-3-1 Ohashi, Minami-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Chairman and Representative Director: Masataka Sakai
President and CEO: Junichi Watanabe
Sakai Osteopathic Institute Official Website

Sakai Osteopathic Institute Trainer Activities

Sakai Osteopathic Institute Traffic Accident

Sakai Osteopathic Clinic Jobs

Sakai Osteopathic Institute Official Instagram

Sakai Osteopathic Institute Official Twitter

Sakai Osteopathic Institute Official facebook

Treatment menu (soft manipulative treatment, stoop correction, etc.)


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