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Trade imminent between the Lakers and Cleveland!

by archysport

The transfer market could very quickly activate at the turn of 2022: according to Shams Charania, a Lakers player is very close to flying to the Eastern Conference. We take stock.

Those who have followed the NBA for several seasons know it: the months of January and February are always fertile in trades. The show could even start a bit earlier this year, as injuries and the health situation continue to shake the market. On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, Ricky Rubio, very good with the Cavs this year, was seriously injured for the remainder of the season.

A blow for a Cleveland team with high ambitions, and which is already looking to replace the Spaniard. Shams Charania has indeed indicated on the stroke of midnight that discussions were engaged with the Lakers to recover Rajon Rondo in Ohio.

Rajon Rondo close to being traded from the Lakers

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in serious discussions about a trade to acquire Lakers point guard Rajon Rondo, sources inform The Athletic.

Following Ricky Rubio’s untimely season end due to injury, Cleveland needs some help on his back line and is working on this potential transfer.

News quickly confirmed by Adrian Wojnarowski:

The Cavaliers are very close to a trade to acquire Rajon Rondo. An agreement should be found as early as Friday, according to ESPN. Rondo will join Cleveland as soon as he gets out of protocol.

Back at the Angelinos after a freelance with the Clippers, Rondo is less comfortable than in the past, when he helped the purple and gold house to glean the title in the bubble. Clumsy and used only 16 minutes per game for 3.1 points and 3.7 assists, the veteran could find a new challenge on the side of Cleveland, mentoring the promising back line of JB Bickerstaff.

The Lakers, they can try to recover a pick or a useful player in the maneuver. We will know more in the coming days or even the next hours, since the discussions seem well advanced between the two camps!

Things are starting to move in the market, and Rajon Rondo could be the first to pack his bags. It remains to find a counterpart that will satisfy Rob Pelinka, GM of the Lakers …

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