Totally surprising choice! Rummenigge: HE is the best manager in football – FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL

This name is only known to proven football connoisseurs!

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (66) was to choose his personal “Manager of the Year” in the big review of the year “Reif is live” on BILD on TV.

The ex-Bayern boss conjured up a surprising name out of the hat: Luis Campos (57)!

Rummenigge: “This is a man who is largely unknown in Germany, but I’ve been following him for some time.”

The Portuguese Campos first made a name for himself in 2012 as the head scout of Real Madrid under José Mourinho (58). In 2014 he moved to Monaco and finally to Lille in 2017. Both of the teams he put together became champions once each (Monaco 2017, Lille 2021) – and that against the superstar squad from Paris Saint-Germain.


At Lille, the maker in the background: Luis Campos

Foto: picture alliance / Actionplus

Rummenigge: “In the big days of AS Monaco he brought in players like Mbappé, Falcao, Fabinho, Martial, Bernardo Silva – all players with whom he made AS Monaco champions back then. And then these players, whom he bought for relatively manageable money, were sold for very expensive money to top clubs in Europe, thus putting the club on an excellent financial footing. “

The ex-Bayern manager continues: “And he did it analogously with Lille. He then went to Lille, brought Renato Sanches, Yilmaz, Fonte, Osiem, who is perhaps still known at Wolfsburg, and brought people in Lille to a normal level and some of them also sold. “


Surprising names
Rummenigge: We scouted this BVB star once

Source: BILD

Cmapos apparently sees his station as individual projects with a clear goal. Rummenigge: “What stands out about him: He never stays with a club for long. He resigned at Lille in December 2020 when there was a change of owner and he probably no longer had a good relationship with the new owner. “

No wonder Campos can now choose his next club! Rummenigge: “Real Madrid is in the room, Milan is in the room, Arsenal is in the room. I think it will be Olympique Lyon. He seems to have a soft spot for French clubs and clubs that can be brought up again. “

Like he’s done twice before.




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