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Toronto wants him immediately, but Insigne does not leave in January: he has already communicated it

by archysport

Luca Marchetti, journalist and market expert at Sky Sport, gave the latest on Lorenzo Insigne to the microphones of Radio Marte: “Insigne away already in January? I exclude him, he doesn’t want to leave now. For June there is a very tempting offer from Toronto, Lorenzo is thinking about it. The fact that there is such an important offer puts Lorenzo in the conditions of caressing it, above all because a counter-offer has not arrived from Napoli that clearly could not match that of Toronto. As indeed no European club. He would certainly appreciate a higher recognition. We do not appear to have been relaunches for Insigne. So, day after day, the offer enters his head. Then, as long as he doesn’t sign, any other team can come out. Toronto would theoretically want him already now but Insigne has already said that he wants to end the season with Napoli. Also because then Insigne would eventually go there as a free agent, but the events on the free parameter can change quickly.

In the end it is a choice of life. We should understand what he wants to do. He is certainly very close to Napoli but he would certainly like something more than what has been offered to him now. Clubs consider when they need to invest to keep certain players over the years and, perhaps, consider a replacement for a lower figure. Milan on Donnarumma made such a reasoning. With the two years gross of Donnarumma, Maignan paid for everything. Today the perception of the zero parameter has also changed: as long as he plays for me, I exploit him.

It is not true that the other big names did not knock on Insigne’s door, they simply did not propose offers. It seems obvious to me that Insigne will not stop playing football if he leaves Naples. “

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