Tom Brady deconstructs his career milestones

MEXICO CITY. In a short but concise tweet that Tom Brady posted in July of last year, the player posted a photograph of his early days as a Patriots quarterback and another of the seven Super Bowl rings he has conquered. How it started vs How it’s going [cómo empezó vs cómo va], is part of a global trend in social networks that Brady joined to show the world his sporting achievements in 20 years of career within the NFL.

For someone who as a teenager heard from multiple voices that they weren’t good enough to control their destiny, the image was a powerful message to argue that the drive for perseverance is something some athletes are born with, no matter what they have to wear. to his body and mind to the highest limits of pain, in order to advance in a gear more than the rest of the competitors.

While many fans of New England they’re obviously familiar with Brady’s overall track record this fall ESPN He launched Man in the Arena a series focused on the best quarterback in the Super Bowl era. Chapter by chapter, this documentary sprinkles with new no-minor details of the journey that Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. plunged into when he was taken in the sixth round of the 2000 Draft by the Patriots.

Each episode focuses on a single Super Bowl appearance and encompasses not just the crucial moments, but everything that leads up to them, illustrating the series of small steps that seem insignificant at the time, but when reflected back, show the distance traveled.

Man in the Arena offers an insight into the mind of the winningest man in NFL history and how he rose from his failures.

Brady created this project in collaboration with ESPN, 199 Productions, NFL Films and your production partner of Religion of Sports, Gotham Chopra, filmmaker with whom Excelsior He spoke about the particularity of Brady and what makes him different from the rest of the most important athletes in the world.

I think … I guess maybe I knew how hard Tom works … but I like to see that evolution over time … The series explores 20 years: it starts in 2001 until last year, the tenth super bowl . And I think it’s evolution, and not just physically, but mentally, that Tom has really perfected his craft. And that’s the real reason he’s been able to do it. It is not only the preparation of the body, the physical things that many people know about, but it is the mental and emotional, he brings that discipline to that process as he does with the daily work of the body, and nutrition and all those things. I think just watching him, and seeing how he does it over time is something I learn from working with him on this project, ”acknowledged Chopra.

The series develops every significant element of Brady’s career. If selected 199º in the Draft de la NFL 2000 to lead one of the greatest dynasties in sports.

I believe that most athletes, and I work with many of them, would tell you that at the end of their careers they moved away from their passion, they cannot do it anymore and they go through problems not only physical, but mental. It’s not just about work during the season, but also what you do in the off season. I think Tom follows the passion, the love for the sport, and the appetite for competition and the time it takes to keep improving, because despite being the greatest in his sport, he still thinks he can improve and keep pushing. And I think that’s the most impressive thing ”.

Tom Brady posted a photograph of his early days in the NFL and another with his champion rings.

After 21 seasons in the NFL, Tom Brady shares a first-hand personal account of his ten Super Bowl appearances. He deconstructs the milestones of his legendary career, undermining the psychological and emotional terrain of each victory and defeat.

Tom’s commitment to the game is amazing. The more we film, the more he wants it to be shared and I think he really enjoys going back and looking at the previous seasons and seeing how it has evolved, and I think that with that people want to see it because it is an incredible story and a lot of the people that we choose to be a part of. of these came directly from Tom who says ‘this person really knows what happened and I think for that reason people were excited to be a part of it.’

The series includes interviews with key figures in Brady’s life and career, como Julie Brady, Maureen Brady, Nancy Brady, Tedy Bruschi, Gisele Bündchen, Drew Bledsoe, Julian Edelman, Alex Guerrero, Rob Gronkowski, Rodney Harrison, Peyton Manning, Willie McGinest, Lawyer Milloy, Randy Moss, Bill O’Brien, Richard Sherman, Michael Strahan, Mike Vrabel, Wes Welker y Vince Wilfork.

In the midst of the drama, there’s no denying the magnitude of Brady’s accomplishments. At 44, he is still breaking records. Keep topping the stat tables. He’s still getting numbers worthy of the league’s MVP award. But Brady has grown beyond a name on the back of a shirt. It has become the face of football.

There is no secret to Brady’s success, I think it’s just the will to do what it takes, Tom keeps doing it. And not just in November or December, but in April and May … it’s the excitement, he still wants this, ”shared Chopra.

There is a part of the philosophy that may sound cheesy, like the middle section of a movie that is too perfect to be true, but then you remember that this Tom Brady team is real, and because it wins it has also lost.

Gisele Bündchen, Brady’s wife, is one of the personalities featured on the series.

The key to Chopra’s project was its authenticity. The filmmaker wanted to show viewers that Brady isn’t just a perfect robot. He is constantly managing, compartmentalizing and working, all at the service of sport. Throughout production, Chopra said that Brady was an “open canvas,” which helped facilitate not only their close relationship, but also their final product.

While he could be a god on the field, off the field, he’s a normal guy, so a lot of the communication wasn’t just about the NFL, ”Chopra said.

Tom Brady’s career arc, his rise to the Super Bowl mainstay seems like a folk tale. An unwanted NFL player leaving college is sent to an icy, haunted city to emerge as the NFL’s top figure.

Brady has it all: fame, fortune, a hit for a wife and now a TV series where we know all its surroundings.

Filmmaker Gotham Chopra was commissioned to film the documentary Man in the Arena.


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