Tokyo’s winning Sicily collides with crashes and closed plants –

Tokyo’s winning Sicily collides with crashes and closed plants

The gold of Busà in judo that of Xenia Palazzo at the Paralympics and the successes of Telimar without an audience for the uninhabitable stands of the swimming pool.

That of the “gorilla di Avola” is the most prestigious victory while the swimmer from Palermo
is the protagonist of the most beautiful story. Garozzo missed the encore of Rio 2016.

The team from the capital is in fifth place in the league
On 12 January he will face the Syracusan cousins ​​of Ortigia in the Euro Cup semifinal.

The shadows of football: Catania has gone bankrupt and Palermo is losing the promotion train
The new year could bring in new members.

This is the title of Republic, on newsstands today.

The article by Andrea Murgia

The Tokyo Olympics

The Sicilian sport of 2021 has seen many triumphs: from the Tokyo Olympics, passing through water polo, with Telimar and Ortigia in a state of grace. As for the achievements in Japan we find the gold of Busà, the Gorilla of Avola, who triumphed in a discipline of karate: kumite 75 kilograms. Or the silver of Acese Daniele Garozzo, able to reach the final of the individual foil by touching the gold. The success of the two from Catania is unforgettable Rossella Flemish e Alberta Santuccio who made a difference in the team sword by obtaining silver and bronze respectively; Antonio Pizzolato instead he got a bronze in weightlifting. In the Paralympics also held in Tokyo, Xenia Palazzo, a Palermitan, obtained gold in the 4 × 100 swimming while the Syracusan Loredana Trigilia won silver in the team foil. Or even the bronze of Carolina Costa in judo and Maria Andre Virgilio in archery.

Water polo and football

In water polo this year the performances of Telimar and Ortigia were unforgettable. The two teams are in 4th place in the Serie A1 standings and will face each other in the Euro cup semifinal on 12 January. The only defect of the Palermo team remains the sports facility. The team from the Sicilian capital played all home games without an audience due to problems of viability. Strictly bureaucratic problems, but it is hoped that already in the derby at the beginning of the year with Ortigia everything can be resolved. Sicilian football has certainly not given many joys in recent years: the failure of Palermo two years ago, that of Trapani, the new decision on Catania, taken last week and FC Messina, just disbarred. The only hope to revive this sport in Sicily seems to be the possible purchase of Dario Mirri’s company, which should arrive shortly thereafter.


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