Three Institute players involved in a very serious traffic accident

A very serious event was experienced on Thursday night, well into the early hours of Friday. According to the reports, a blue Volkswagen Amarok truck driven by the Instituto basketball player Federico Elías stopped at the corner of Humberto Primero and Avenida General Paz, in the heart of the city of Córdoba to talk to some girls, who later confirmed that the vehicle was badly parked. There, another car appeared that had to make a sudden maneuver to avoid the Amarok and ended up hitting the young women. One of them, just 17 years old, had to have her leg amputated.

Elías was with his teammates Cristian Amicucci and Francisco Pedano, and this was the version he told, from Córdoba: “We only stopped to ask some girls if they knew where there was an after party. They told us no, and when we were going to start, we heard the braking of the other car. There we went into shock and accelerated and left. And then we were poorly advised by a lawyer, who told us that it was not the time to appear because they were going to arrest us there, so we did not return. “

Through tears, Federico Elías gave his version

As Federico recounts, the three players fled the scene. He, as the owner of the truck involved, only appeared in court when the images of the Amarok began to circulate on television channels. “He recognizes the error and makes himself available to the victim. He will do whatever is necessary for Justice to investigate,” said Carlos Nayi, Elías’s lawyer, on the program El show del Lagarto. He was charged with serious culpable injuries, although he will be released.


“Given the facts of public knowledge related to the serious traffic accident that occurred on December 16, 2021, in which professional players from the institution’s basketball team are mentioned, the Board of Directors decided to initiate an internal investigation process for the purposes to know their intervention in the event, their eventual participation and other circumstances related to the matter.

During the time to clarify the facts and attentive to the club’s commitment to society in general and adherence to legal and moral standards, it was decided to temporarily remove from the professional staff the people who were supposedly linked to some extent to the event.

This club will always aim for the general social good over any particular interest. “




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