Three footballers sentenced for sexual abuse and against moral integrity in Villanueva de la Serena


The woman, who worked at the premises, suffered buttocks touches without her consent, and was denigrated and belittled in front of the teammates

CF Villanovense players.

The Criminal Court No. 1 of Don benito has sentenced three soccer players to prison terms for the crimes of sexual abuse and against moral integrity for events that occurred at dawn on May 15, 2018 in Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz). Specifically, these are two players who currently belong to the squad of the Villanovense (Second RFEF), Álvaro González and José Antonio Espín, while the third, Daniel Munoz, plays in the Ceuta B.

The three coincided in the Extremadura team in the 2017/2018 season and it was precisely in a celebration after the end of the championship that the crimes occurred, according to the proven facts, in a gambling establishment where the victim was working, and where also they were other players of the team. The conviction includes a compensation to the woman of 17,500 euros for the non-pecuniary damage suffered after the continuous public humiliation received, in addition to assuming the costs of the process. In addition, they will not be able to approach the victim within a distance of 200 meters and are prohibited from communicating with her for one year.

Thus, Daniel Muñoz has been sentenced to one year in prison for sexual abuse while Álvaro González and José Antonio Espín, to six months in prison for a crime against moral integrity. None of them will enter prison when agreeing to suspend the custodial sentence for a period of two years, provided that during that same period they do not commit any crime or the suspension will be revoked.

According to the proven facts, the woman suffered buttocks touching without her consent, and was denigrated and belittled in front of teammates. In turn, the soccer players carried out numerous acts of vandalism inside the premises and tried to denigrate and belittle the victim in front of the rest of their teammates. Thus, Álvaro González came to pull down pants and briefs while talking to the victim, whom he asked on numerous occasions to have sex. In turn, he got on a roulette table of the establishment, defecated in a snack plate and urinated on the floor of the premises, as detailed in the sentence.

Another of the condemned soccer players, José Antonio Espín, also lowered his pants, remaining in his underwear in front of the victim while he told her to pull them up herself. Even when she was bent over picking up an object that had fallen from one of the machines in the premises, she stood behind making sexual gestures “as if he was penetrating her”. Finally, Daniel Muñoz touched the victim’s buttocks without her consent, while she was distracted talking to another person, something that she reproached him for.


According to the sentence, advanced by Canal Extremadura, all these events caused the victim a anxiety situation, for which she had to be assisted by a psychologist. The sentence is final as it has been notified to the parties, stating their willingness not to appeal it. The trial was held on November 29.

The Malvaluna Women’s Association, who has defended the victim, has assured after hearing the ruling that the sentence shows “that having fame or recognition in any social space cannot justify violating women by attacking their sexual freedom or disturbing their integrity.” In addition, he adds that the fact involves “three soccer players, young and with a certain fame in their sporting environment, should make us reflect on the model of personal and sexual relationships that we are projecting, the importance it has for those boys and girls who they see them as role models “, which is why he urges the Extremadura club to “decide what measures to take after this sentenceIt is clear that passivity does not contribute to eradicating these intolerable acts of sexist violence. “

After the events that occurred on May 15, 2018, two of the players did not continue in the squad in the following season, in 2018/2019, specifically Daniel Muñoz (who signed for Sanluqueño) and Álvaro González (Cartagena) but José Antonio Espín did renew one more year with the club. Currently, two of the three involved (José Antonio Espín and Álvaro González) are part of this season’s squad while Daniel Muñoz no longer signed for Villanovense and is at Ceuta B.

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