“This is so terribly sad and wrong, shame on you…

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FC Twente has signed a sponsorship deal with Floki, a provider of a crypto currency. Author and editor-in-chief Peter Slagter is extremely critical of the FC Twente agreement.

Peter Slagter wrote the book ‘Ons Geld is Stuk’ and is known in the Netherlands as a specialist in the crypto field. “This is so incredibly sad and wrong. Shame on you FC Twente,” he says in the tubantia. “It is extremely disturbing that a football club like FC Twente gives legitimacy to this.”

“Their audience consists partly of consumers who have not come into contact with the crypto market before and are misled in advance,” he continues. “One would have to walk around it at a wide angle, unless you know exactly what risk you are taking.”

“I can imagine that the board of Twente has discussed the sponsor proposal with the KNVB and has looked abroad,” continues Slagter. “There you see that, for example, SSC Napoli has concluded a similar deal. ‘Then it will be all right’, people quickly think.”

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Criticism of FC Twente sponsor deal: ”Walmende scam smell”

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Butcher wants to warn. “Nothing could be further from the truth; in this young market there is an enormous knowledge vacuum in which joke coins such as Floki Inu can temporarily thrive. Not because there is something fundamentally valuable, but because one cannot yet properly assess what is going on in the crypto world. .”

“For those who have been prompted by Twente to take a look at the crypto world: start reading, draw a very thick line between bitcoin and the rest of the market, and make sure you don’t risk your entire wealth. Then you know for sure that you don’t have to be taken away immediately after the start signal,” he concludes.

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Chris Woerts

Woerts introduced sponsor to FC Twente: “Find the reactions strange”

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