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Theix-Noyalo. Sports Christmas holidays for 210 young people

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As with all school holidays, the sports department of the town of Theix-Noyalo offers activities for young Theixnoyalais.

Thursday, 16 children aged 6 to 12 tried the circus arts activity. “This morning aims to show what are the circus arts, performing arts, acrobatics, juggling. These are activities that require balance and skill ”, explains Sylvie Le Boursicaud, sports educator in the city.

“I like to balance and do funny things. I like to walk on a ball, we stand up and try to do figures without falling ”, explains Lola. For Dylan, “The circus is great, I can’t wait to start again. If I don’t make it and let it go, I won’t progress. So always try again. “

During the week the young people have already practiced rollerblading, badminton and gone to the skating rink. They will have an afternoon of magic.

Sports vacations make it possible to diversify practices and to try out many sports that they would never have discovered otherwise. “It’s important that they play a variety of sports before they specialize. This allows lateralization, it facilitates dissociation. It also participates in the psychomotor development of the child. “

210 participants, instead of the usual 140, were welcomed throughout the week. This service is open primarily to residents of Theixnoyalais but also to children attending school in the municipality.

Young people are expected from February 7 to 18 and during all school holidays, except mid-August and one week at Christmas.


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