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The whirlwind, the strange prepared play that ended in a goal and is all the rage

by archysport
The play in question took place during a match of the first round of the National High School Soccer Championship that took place in the Japanese country, which served to open the scoring, which culminated in a 4-2 victory in favor from Takagawa Gakuen High School over Seiryo High School.

It was barely eight minutes into the first half when the Yamaguchi City School Team had a free kick down the right wing. From there, the striking action began to take shape.

Two players were positioned next to the ball. Inside the area a forward was located to wait for the center while the rest of the teammates settled in the left sector on the edge of the area. What was surprising was the method of distraction they used, forming a round, holding hands and turning like a carousel under the watchful eyes of the defenders (in English, this movement is known as “Ring Around the Rosie “).

Finally, they let go and began to run in different directions disorienting the rivals. The ball reached the far post and Haruki Hayashi appeared there to hit the ball with his head and perfectly complete the previously planned play.

The video of the curious movement received close to a million and a half visits and comments from all over the world.

Apparently, the college football environment in Japan is a good place to practice these kinds of moves on set pieces. A few years ago, East Fukuoka put together a play that became known as “the moving wall.”


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