The Transler visits the complicated court of the leader

The Transler Club Soria Baloncesto will play its last game of the year this Sunday in the Salamanca town of Villares de la Reina and the Semillas Adolfo Martínez will say goodbye to this historic 2021, also on Sunday, in the fiefdom of the team against which it debuted in the First Women’s Division: the University of Valladolid.

The duel of the men’s team on the court of the leader, the Duran Basketball Villares Plastics, It will start at 6:00 p.m. and the match that begins the second round in the Women’s First Division is scheduled for 10:30.

No one has beaten Plásticos Durán Baloncesto Villares on their court so far this season.

In fact, the Salamanca team only lost in the fiefdom of the Clínica Sur-Aspasia Real Valladolid Baloncesto and in their last home match they beat the Inmapa Filipenses de Palencia Group in a tight way (66-63), which, also with seven wins and one defeat, occupies the second place in the leaderboard.

The Transler is describing the best season in its history.

He has two consecutive wins (against Club Baloncesto La Flecha and Club Baloncesto Palencia- UEMC San Remo) and is in the sixth place of the classification, with four victories and four defeats.

Fernando Flores, the Transler coach, faces the duel in Salamanca with the losses of Carlos Romano, Javier Zulaica and Miguel Erdozain and will complete the call with the youth squad Luis Martínez and Hugo Soto.

The latter is only 15 years old, studies 4th of ESO at the Nuestra Señora del Pilar School, is enrolled in Cadet A of the Soria Basketball Club, plays regularly with Junior A and this Sunday will have the opportunity to debut in the Male First Division .

Having a team in the national category gives greater visibility to the quarry work carried out by the Soria Basketball Club and allows the homegrown players with more projection to set the most ambitious goals.

The Seeds Adolfo Martínez He will meet again on Sunday with a team that has already demonstrated its enormous power at the San Andrés Sports Center, in which it was the first match of the Women’s First Division that was played in Soria.

The University of Valladolid has only lost two duels in the entire first round and is closely pursuing (adds one victory less than the Cantabrians) the almighty Tirso Incentro de Santander, solo leader of the classification and a great candidate to play next season in the Women’s League 2.

Eight of the nine players who traveled to Villamuriel de Cerrato (Palencia) last Sunday will travel to Valladolid.

Maddi Schnell enters the squad to replace Alma de las Heras and Daniel Hernández, the coach of the Soria Basketball Club, cannot count on the Verde sisters (Judit and Jennifer), Leticia Dupont, María Ledesma and Claudia Blandino this weekend. After this game and fourteen consecutive weekends without a break, Semillas Adolfo Martínez will enjoy a reduced vacation and will play his first game of 2022 on January 9, at the San Andrés Sports Center, against Ventanas Arsan de Astillero (Cantabria ).




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