The Seine in Paris will host a parade for the Olympic Games

The Seine will welcome the public during the Olympic Games

The lower platforms, being closest to the Seine, will be arranged in stands as well as part of the cross bridges. This will allow a ticket office that can be declined in price range. The upper parts of the platforms will be reserved for the public without tickets. Some barges will also be able to accommodate people for the opening ceremony of the Olympics. In total, more than 10,500 French and foreign athletes as well as 206 delegations which will take part in the parade aboard more than 160 boats on the Seine.

This preparation for the Olympic Games announced by Emmanuel Macron

The project was revealed in summer 2021 by President Emmanuel Macron during the Tokyo Olympics. Since this presidential exit, there was no longer any doubt that the Seine Paris would soon be the unlikely theater of an original, fully inducted opening ceremony. This project, dedicated to one of the biggest sporting events, was validated on December 13, 2021 by the board of directors of the Olympic organizing committee.

A parade on the Seine Paris Photography STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP

Meet at this tourist spot in the French capital

In an interview, Tony Estanguet described this official opening ceremony on the Seine as not only unique, but also avant-garde. He estimates that it is a sporting event which wants to be accessible to the greatest number by offering for the first time a free access more than 600,000 people. the dfil on the Seine with delegations and athletes, who will participate in various competitions with the aim of winning gold, silver or bronze medals, will extend over 6 kilometers, between the Pont d’Austerlitz and the Pont d’Austerlitz. ‘Iena and that for almost 3 hours. In the list of olympic proofs, there is cycling, marathon, karat, archery, jumping, volleyball, swimming, rugby, biathlon, triathlon as well as several new disciplines or new modern sports and games.

The conductor of this opening ceremony on the Seine

Thierry Reboul, director of the Paris-2024 ceremonies and conductor of the organization of the Olympic Games, explained that this required millimeter logistics with questions on a variety of subjects, including transport, entertainment and the weather. In addition to the parade, the Seine will also offer the teams the opportunity to envisage a very original artistic representation. For example, it would be possible to find on the Seine sports attractions on the bridges crossed or even plays of light on the water.

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