The scores of the River players in the final of the Champions Trophy against Colón

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The scores of River’s players after the match against Colón corresponding to the final of the 2021 Champions Trophy.

© GETTYEl Millonario faced Colón in the 2021 Champions Trophy.

Franco Armani (6.5): He offered his usual security in the goal despite the fact that Columbus did not arrive dangerously. In the first half he covered a shot from far away from Ferreira and in the second half he was in charge of picking up each center that reached the area.

Robert Rojas (6): It was once again important in its sector. He had good projections on the right and participated in the play of the first goal with his pass to Simón. In the complement he remained firm for his sector in the brand and was a pass option in each Millionaire attack.

Paulo Díaz (8): the first half was too imprecise with the ball, even in plays without pressure from the rival. But he also had a very good closing against Farías that could have brought problems to Armani’s goal and started the play of Julián’s goal with a good pass to Rojas. In the last 45 minutes, he became the owner of the defense, taking out everything that reached the area of ​​the Biggest.

David Martinez (6.5): it cost him the first time. He had a loose closing on Meza and committed a strong and unnecessary infraction on Farias that earned him the yellow card. Imprecise. He was slow on some reactions. In the complement he established himself like the rest of the team and rounded off a good match.

Milton Helmet (6): Gallardo had him mistreat him in the first half with his instructions. He was not fine in attack and lost balls in several salutes. A ball against Bernardi that almost ended in a goal. After the break, he raised his level and offered defensive guarantees in his sector.

Bruno Zuculini (6): suffered in the first stage due to the good pressure of Colón. He had a header off a corner kick that went high. Then he put a strong infraction on Bernardi for which he was booked. In the second half he stood with a greater presence and lived up to the high level of the team.

Agustín Palavecino (6.5): he started the game with good mobility and detaching himself to accompany Julián in the attack. He struggled when he had to score and always asked for the ball. He was important in the recovery and he was attentive to the pressure. In the second half he was replaced by Jorge Carrascal.

Enzo Fernandez (6): Like Zuculini, he was among those most affected by the hard process of the first 45 minutes. From River’s goal, he established himself and ended up making a good second stage

Santiago Simon (6): the first half had him disconnected by the right sector and without large participations. He even looked shy. However, during the hydration break Gallardo asked him to break and the midfielder paid attention to him because he put in a spectacular cross that gave Álvarez an advantage to score 1-0. He had a shot in the area that almost finished in the second. The second half maintained its level of the end of the first and was among the best of the team.

José Paradela (6.5): the function of the former Gymnastics was to play wide open on the left. At times he managed to open the court and at others, no. He forced the yellow card to Alexis Castro when he received a hard foul. In the second stage it was with little precision, but it appeared in the play of the second goal of River. He recovered a ball, combined with Enzo Fernández and shot the center for Araña’s goal.

Julian Alvarez (10): another night where he showed that he is a level above the rest. In the first minutes he was the clearest of the game and had a great play that ended with a left-footed shot from Burián. Then he was dispatched with a goal and an excellent left-handed definition because he stretched for a subtle touch that puzzled goalkeeper Sabalero. In addition, he brought out his scoring nose again by taking advantage of a Paradela cross and converting after Burián’s rebound. At the end he almost turned another goal into an individual play that ended up on the post and the rebound was taken advantage of by Rollheiser. He gave another assist for the 4-0 of the Biggest through Carrascal.

They entered:

Jorge Carrascal (5): He entered in the 64th minute and had many of the team’s counter attacks on his feet. However, he lacked precision to finish plays.

Leonardo Ponzio (-): had his last 13 minutes on the court as a professional.

Tomás Galván (-): entered a few minutes to evaluate.

Benjamin Rollheiser (-): He entered just 13 minutes, but was dispatched with his first goal in First.




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