The reason for IPL popularity in India

It has long been known that India adores cricket. What is less well known is that the country has developed a sophisticated economy around the sport: the Indian Premier League (IPL) broadcasting rights under a new contract (2018-2022) are valued at $2.6 billion. The contract is one of the top ten in the world and, on a per-season basis (510 million), it outperforms, for example, the NHL’s current contract through 2024. (454 million).


Surprisingly, the IPL was established just ten years ago: the inaugural event began on April 1, 2008. Games are played in a shortened Twenty20 style, with games lasting an average of three and a half hours – hardly much for cricket, considering that games in the other format (one-day match) normally run at least five to six hours. With the introduction of the Twenty20 tournament in 2003, Indian IPL betting began to acquire commercial traction.


How does the IPL organize? 

There are currently eight teams in the Indian Premier League. Each team plays each other twice in a round-robin system, playing one home and one away match each. At the end of the round-robin stage, the top four teams qualify for the play-offs. The best two teams play each other in the first qualification match, the winner goes directly to the final, while the loser gets another chance by playing the second qualification match. The third and fourth-placed teams play against each other, the winner of this match plays against the loser in the first qualification game. The winner of the second qualification match advances to the final where they face the winner of the first qualification game in the final match, the winner of which becomes the Indian Premier League champion. (


Awards on what you can make IPL bet

Orange Cup 

The annual award for the top scorer in the Indian Premier League. The award was instituted on 25 April 2008, a week after the start of the inaugural IPL season. The batsman who leads the tournament in the number of wounds during the season wears an orange cap during games. The first player to wear the Orange Cap was New Zealander Brandon McCullum and the first recipient of the award was Australian Sean Marsh.


The Purple Cup 

The annual award for the Indian Premier League player who picked up the most wickets. It was instituted on 13 May 2008. The bowler who leads the tournament in the number of wickets taken will wear the purple cap during the season. The first winner of the Purple Cup was Pakistan’s Sohail Tanveer.


What are the main IPL bet types? 

The results of the coin toss are shown. In cricket, the turn of attack is determined by flipping a coin.


The weather conditions. No sport is more dependent on the weather than cricket. The weather may have a considerable impact on a Test match, especially its duration (cricket is not played in the rain).


The field element. In different locations and stadiums, the pitch where the main action takes place can range from a dirt surface to relatively short or long grass.


Team and player circumstances. The condition of the teams prior to a match should never be overlooked.


A larger match means a more captivating live game. First-level cricket matches can last for many days, making betting on the result more appealing.


What are the IPL rules? 

Unlike most other sports, cricket has a plethora of rule variants, and tournaments are played in a variety of formats, making it difficult for newbies to comprehend the regulations. A cricket stadium is a grass-covered oval pitch with two teams of 11 players each. Bowlers and batsman are assigned significant duties. The batter hits the ball as far as possible away from the bowler in order to sprint across the field before the bowler reaches the ball. In some ways, the game is similar to baseball.


The following are examples of fundamental cricket terminology:

The pitch is a rectangular area over which the batter must run after striking out.

Wickets are wooden constructions on the boundaries of the pitch that when destroyed, take the battery out of the game.

Wounds – a run, a successful pitch crossing that results in a point.

Innings – a single point drawing in a game.


An over consists of six pitches followed by a change of bowlers on the field. It is essential to grasp not only the laws of cricket betting but also the characteristics of events, the format of which can vary greatly.


Top 4 cricket IPL betting companies 


Pin-Up bookmaker has been operating since 2016 under a license issued in Curacao, with its headquarters in Cyprus. The company targets players from all over the world and Indian bettors among others. The company’s website is available in Hindi and residents of India have the option to register on it. Deposits using their currency will be automatically converted to the main currencies, which include the American dollar, the euro, and the rupee.


The website of the office is designed in a modern style, the navigation is user-friendly and the interface is simple and concise. In addition to betting on sports, virtual and cybersports, members have the option to visit the online casino and play a variety of gambling games. Moreover, an extremely wide range of sports betting is available to bettors. Everyone can find a sport to suit their taste, including cricket for any league and IPL bet.



This bookmaker appeared in 2016. Initially, it was called the First bet. This was the case until 2018. It operates under a standard Curacao license. There are a lot of account currencies, and each customer can choose their own. There are also a large number of language versions: about nine. There is also a sweepstake. 


If you have successfully registered and want to deposit your first funds in order to make bets, then there is good news for you – the bookmaker offers a welcome bonus of 200% on your first deposit. In order to get it, you need to fulfill a few conditions.


The most popular sports here are football, basketball, hockey, and cricket. It is on these sports a very deep line, there are not only the top divisions but also several lower ones. The spreads will please any fan. Moreover, a special IPL betting option is available for anyone.



Bet365 is an international bookmaker founded in 1974 in the UK. It began accepting bets online in 2000. The owner of the company is Denise Coates.


The bookmaker is aimed at European players and the website is translated into 20 languages, including Hindi. The company is licensed to operate in eight countries. You can open a game account in 20 world currencies.


On the advantages, I would include a wealth of experience and European quality. Bet365 is a pioneer in the innovation of the betting market. They were the first to give an extensive live line and offered cashback to players. Also, the bookmaker offers rather high odds-on top events. In addition, Bet365 offers a first deposit bonus of up to €100 and a cashback on a 0-0 score in football.


A particularly nice feature of this company is a wide selection of sports and betting on them. So, everyone will be able to find any sport to their taste!



The 888Sport bookmaker (hereinafter referred to as BK 888Sport) is not very well-known and popular among domestic sports betting fans. This is due to a number of both objective and subjective factors. Firstly, betting company 888Sport was founded and began to work only in 2008. Secondly, this is fairly average by European standards, the office in terms of cash turnover. Thirdly, the bookmaker 888Sport doesn’t conduct such aggressive advertising campaigns as many European and world industry leaders.


Bookmaker 888Sport activities on the Internet are legal and are based on the license issued by the Government of Gibraltar, which, however, does not meet the conditions of Indian legislation. By the way, according to the strictness of the licensing procedure, this permission is considered as one of the most difficult to obtain, but, accordingly, the most prestigious among similar licenses.


BK 888Sport provides an opportunity to bet on popular sports and leagues, as well as events from the world of show business (various ceremonies, competitions) and politics (election results). It is possible to bet on 21 sports. The list of events is good, so you can make an IPL bet.



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