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“The problem is Russell Westbrook, not Anthony Davis”

by archysport

With the Lakers’ losing streak underway, the debate reignites regarding Russell Westbrook. For this former teammate of LeBron James, the front office must follow a relatively simple process.

5 defeats in a row, it is the starving record of the Lakers in recent weeks. The victories are absent, while the covid continues to penalize some players. The situation is clearly not ideal in the City of Angels, and there is nothing to suggest that it will work out. LeBron James No matter how many games go on at 30 points, that’s not enough.

The reason ? The other players are not at the level, with a lack of defense and effort on the floor. We have proof of this with Russell Westbrook, who was pinned again for his behavior facing the Nets. The leader is not helping his case, as trade rumors start to crop up.

A trade in sight for Russell Westbrook?

Several months after arriving, it’s clear that Russ can’t seem to convince. His performance falls short, which raises a simple question: can he be traded by the deadline? Several fans are for, and ask for movement. This is also the case of Kendrick Perkins, annoyed by this situation.

It clearly doesn’t smell good. A move must take place. I don’t think it will be Anthony Davis, but rather Russell Westbrook. I think they will get rid of him.

Anthony Davis? Knowing that the inside is injured, it’s hard to blame the recent results. However, it is true that his performances are disappointing this season, with some pretty terrible shooting percentages. A trade can happen, but not for a while, especially with the Westbrook case.

After all, the leader is the last to arrive. If anyone is to be sacrificed, it will be him. A trade? Not right away, but if nothing works out before the February 10 deadline, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Angelinos having discussions about it.

If Russell Westbrook doesn’t want to know a new trade, a wake-up call is expected. But is he still capable of it? For now, the answer is no. No choice for the Lakers, we will have to explore all avenues, even if it means turning this roster upside down.

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