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The most expensive payrolls in MLB before the work stoppage

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With all the activity paralyzed by the Major League decision, we reviewed how the most powerful teams were prior to the lockout. Will it reach them to win in 2022?

Francisco Lindor and Michael Conforto at New York Mets
© Jim McIsaac/Getty ImagesFrancisco Lindor and Michael Conforto at New York Mets

Although it was demonstrated, with the World Series conquered by Atlanta Braves, that not even with all the money in the world you can win the Major League Baseball (MLB)The truth is that in these times, teams begin to invest millions to have the best names in the market.

Proof of this were Los angeles dodgers, who after winning the October Classic In 2020, for this year they decided to go beyond the luxury tax, and sign names such as Trevor Bauer, Max Scherzer y Trea Turner, even so they could not repeat the feat.

And let’s not even talk about New York Yankees y Mets, who did not even fight in the Postseason, perhaps for the same reason, is that before the work stoppageThey have been willing to invest a lot of money in pursuit of returning to the limelight of MLB in 2022.

MLB’s three most expensive payrolls before the work stoppage

Thinking about the next season, the Bronx bombers have the third most expensive roster in the majors, with a projection of $ 211.2 million, falling one place compared to 2020, but this could change when they strengthen in pitching and infield, added to a possible mega-extension of the contract with Aaron Judge.

To second place, the Dodgers fall, thanks to the exits of Corey Seager, a Texas Rangers, and of Max Scherzer to the Mets, and waiting to know if they will renew their pitcher Clayton Kershaw, thanks to the renovation with Cody Bellinger, they were left with a staff valued at $ 214.4 million.

To the surprise of many, the most expensive roster in all of Major League Baseball is currently owned by the Queens franchise, which although lost to Noah Syndergaard, Which was to Los Angeles Angels, with the arrivals of Scherzer, Starling Marte and Eduardo Escobar, its market value increased, surpassing its rivals, until it reached the $ 235.5 million.


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