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The Judo Club Basee, in an “stage” in Suances

by archysport

The Estradense team, together with Nikoloz Sherazadishvili.

The Judo Club Basee attended a rally in Suances. Diego Couto, Samuel Tato, Diego Lafuente and Xaquín Baldomir were the athletes from the Estradense club who were able to enjoy the technical explanations offered in this stage. They were also accompanied by the training partner licensed by the judo club, Tiago Larramendi.

Nikoloz Sherazadishvili, current world champion, Fran Garrigós, world bronze and Ana Pérez, world runner-up, were in charge of teaching the technical part, explaining some of his special moves during the four sessions of the stage.

In addition to the technical part, the athletes were able to perform a large number of quality fights, which, added to the technical contributions of world-class athletes, give them an extra motivation to continue training in the face of their goals.


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