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The ideal XI of Chilean soccer of 2021

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GOALAs in 2020, it has decided to put together an ideal team with the best names from the 2021 First Division Tournament of Chile, which has been left in the hands of the Catholic University, which has finalized the first four-time championship in its history at the point of a fierce comeback against the title chance of Colo Colo, who managed to shake off his worst year with a vice-championship – and a Chile Cup title – but did not reach glory and was left with even more desire for a new star, the long-awaited 33. It is a penalty for the presence of proper names of the U. de Chile, which got away from the B in the last minute of the course.

Here are the 11 chosen:

210721 Sebastián Pérez Palmeiras Catholic University

Sebastian Perez he stays with the bow for making an extraordinary semester (and coins), in which in addition to relieving Matías Dituro -who went to triumph in LaLiga- at the door of the tri that ended tetra, he allowed them not to miss the one who started year. His performance was so round, with stopped penalties, international appearances and two titles, that he earned his debut in the National Team at the age of 31, after a career of efforts, titles and substitutions.

José Pedro Fuenzalida Catholic University

The Chapa had already given glimpses Jose Pedro Fuenzalida the previous year playing in the midfield: little by little he comes out of the attack and backs down to be increasingly useful to UC in building the offense. The striped captain dominated the right side and at the end of the tour he dazzled in, perhaps, the most memorable year of the club of his life.

Emiliano Amor Colo Colo 101121 vs Melipilla

Since it arrived, Emiliano love He changed the face of Colo Colo’s defense. With solvency and aerial virtues he won the place from day 1, made it more orderly to Maxi Falcón and increased the confidence of Brayan Cortés. His first endorsement was an impressive lossless streak … and the long-standing renewal he earned at the end of the year is not disputed by anyone.

140721 Palmeiras Deyverson and Valber Huerta Catholic University

Valber Huerta he peaked in the Strip on the edge of defensive poise, leadership and clean start. Palmeiras detected him, offered him a contract and dismissed him for his medical conditions. He will go for his revenge in the search for the unprecedented penta and more calls to La Roja.

250421 Colo Colo University of Chile Gabriel Suazo Thomas Rodríguez

Gabriel Suazo placeholder image He jumped from Anti XI to the ideal XI, eating the left wing and contributing both assists and drops to the baseline and tandems achieved with how much extreme Quinteros put him to combine. He seated Miiko Albornoz forever and surrendered with the national jersey when, in need, he had to take the position of Mena or Vegas.

071121 Gonzalo Espinoza Marcelino Núñez Catholic University University of Chile

Marcelino Nunez He also scored a year of fulfilled dreams: total appearance in La Roja, undisputed ownership in Católica, a hit every day finer and enough humility to understand – and publicly declare – that he still needs to give to his team of origin before jumping to Europe, the most logical step for a footballer with his privileged physique and better technique.

Leonardo Gil Colo Colo Palestinian 03102021

Although it went from more to less, the Chilean-Argentine Leonardo Gil he won the hearts of all Colo Colo with 9 goals, mostly from a free kick, several points that he saved to fight the tournament until the end, the duality of containing and joining the rams, and the advantage that Colorado provides the most : fight for spaces, and the most incessant.

Gabriel Costa Colo Colo La Serena 20102021

When it was missing, it was noticed and too much. Gabriel Costa He served as the Chief’s driver and not necessarily in the lane of ’10’, which is so missed in the activity. The Uruguayan-Peruvian continues to be a fixture for Ricardo Gareca in the Playoffs, while in Macul he is the one who most produces scoring chances for his fellow attackers, but also the one who most concretes several of his own.

281121 Huachipato Catholic University Diego Valencia and Fernando Zampedri

Diego Valencia he is the most flexible striker anyone on the continent would want in their ranks. Like his colleague Marcelino, he lived his year of consolidation as he took a place in the eleven crusader even playing outside his original position of 9 matador. Thanks to his fierce understanding with Zampedri, he is betting on relieving him when he has the chance and feeding him if his place is outside the area. A killer with superior mobility that also awaits even more prominence with Chile.

Gonzalo Sosa Sports Melipilla

His 23 goals in the First Division earned him a jump to the Mexican Mazatlán, where he escaped in time because the night is coming to Melipilla with the expulsion of the ANFP. Gonzalo sosa He converted more than 50% of the Colts’ goals in a difficult campaign but, in numbers, crowned with a very meritorious category salvation due to the low cost of his squad and the irruption in the tournament after more than a decade. It was synonymous with a goal in Chile, especially for not being afraid in the last quarter and for an exquisite settlement.

311021 Fernando Zampedri Catholic University O

Fernando Zampedri It is another synonym for goal but they also know it outside the borders. He broke it in Libertadores, he won the crossed hearts because he stood out even in defeats, and in the contest he put together a lethal duo with Diego Valencia, the same that most rivals suffered. By the consensus it generated, it was the best of 2021.

Cristian Paulucci U. Católica 2021

Cristian Paulucci He motivated his group of players so much that he made Gus Poyet forget in a matter of days. He won the Super Cup and four-time championship proving invincible and with the idea of ​​the game (in a good part of Holan) completely transferred to his athletes.

XI ideal CHILE 2021 - DT Paulucci PS

And what do you think of the XI?


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