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The Gauch brothers, judo in their blood

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December 01, 2021, 05:31 PM

David became Swiss champion in the under 60 kilos in Biel last weekend, Cédric is a bronze medalist.

The Gauch brothers dominated their under 60 kg category at the Swiss Judo Championships last weekend in Biel. At 22, David was crowned Swiss elite champion after beating a Basel judoka. His brother Cédric (21) finished on the podium in third place.

David Gauch was the favorite of this competition, he had a little pressure but that did not prevent him from controlling his tournament from start to finish. His relief was not to have had to face his brother Cedric. It had already happened at the last Swiss championships, in the semi-finals. It was David who won, Cédric puts it into perspective: “I had a little less pressure because I’m the youngest. If I win so much the better and if I lose, it’s my big brother so it’s normal” [sourire].

The two young people from Friborg train together, it’s not easy to surprise the other. “The fights between the two of us aren’t the most spectacular. Because you know exactly what the other is going to do, it’s more of a tactical fight.” So far, Cédric Gauch has never beaten his big brother in competition.

Dream of the Olympics

After having been Swiss champion, David Gauch dreams of the “Olympic Games”, when his brother, Cédric, would also like to do them even if he prefers to finish his studies first. Unfortunately for them, they will not be able to participate in the Olympic Games together because each country sends only one judoka per category. The only solution would be for one of the two to change category and be efficient.

For the moment, it is David Gauch who seems closest to his dream, even if the judoka of the club of the club of Villars-sur-Glâne-Friborg still has to make results in the European Cup before hoping to qualify. for the Olympic Games. The next ones are in Paris in two years. The bet is on.

RadioFr. – François-Pierre Noël

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