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The French Football Federation is on the verge of collapse (1)

by archysport
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Undermined by internal conflicts and a social plan that should be retested by the administrative court, the FFF does not give a good image of French football.

This Tuesday, the Paris administrative court was studying the request for cancellation of the French Football Federation’s job protection plan (PSE) made by nine employees. Nine women affected by these layoffs. During the meeting, the public rapporteur also asked for the cancellation of this PSE on the grounds of “Incompetence of the signatory”. Indeed, it is Florence Hardouin, the general director of the FFF, who initiated and managed it when it should have been the executive committee.

As several employees of the FFF told us, “The job protection plan was presented to the Social and Economic Committee (CSE) in mid-May”. But the ExCom of the FFF was only informed during its meeting on… July 13th. “After long discussions with staff representatives, the project ultimately envisages the elimination of 22 posts, 2 of which are already vacant, with real support measures for the people concerned., is it explained in the minutes. Today, the consultation procedure for staff representatives has been completed, with the signing of an overall majority agreement on the PES measures. “

Who decided on the job protection plan at the FFF?

Information which was erroneous since there was no majority agreement of the staff representatives. But above all this information has ” surprised “ most of the members of the Comex, not informed beforehand, as several confirmed to us. “The Executive Committee takes note of the information relating to the PSE” is it also specified.

However, according to the statutes of the FFF, “The Executive Committee administers, directs and manages the Federation. He follows the execution of the budget. He exercises all the powers that these Statutes do not attribute to another body of the Federation. “ This is therefore the case for the establishment of a plan to safeguard employment.

A reason for dismissal for Florence Hardouin?

What Florence Hardouin knew. As revealed by Médiapart, she wrote in an SMS dated August 14, 2020: “The worst is that nlg (Noël Le Graët) sent me an email an hour ago […] telling me that he was the boss that he forbade me to recruit, promote, fire people. That he should talk to the Executive Committee first !!!!! ” An email to which she replied to the president of the FFF: “I confirm to you that this was never my intention and that I have always requested you. “

Asked by the information site, the director general assured that “The president was obviously fully aware of the PES. We have internal processes, everything is hyper standardized ”. Was Noël Le Graët aware of this? If so, is there written proof? Because if the PSE is indeed canceled by the administrative court, it can represent a serious fault – even a gross fault – of Florence Hardouin who would have validated it alone. But it can go further …

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