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The five names that would interest in Millionaires

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Alberto Gamero said it at the end of the championship. “SI leave three, let three come. There are positions that we are going to look for. ” So far, Millonarios has three confirmed casualties: Felipe Banguero, who lost prominence in the last year, Daniel Giraldo who was a figure in the six months he was there and Fernando Uribe, scorer with 12 goals.

Although the board of directors and the environment of Millonarios have been silent, They would already be working on the reinforcements for 2022. Since October, the Bogota team has already confirmed its first signing, it is Álvaro Montero, the goalkeeper has already trained and would be ready for the start of the preseason that will be on January 4.

The ambassador coach analyzes several names for the next semester where one of the main objectives is to make a good presentation in phase II of the Copa Libertadores. Millionaires will face Fluminense on February 22 and March 1. Of the five names that are of interest, there is one that is very close to being made official.

Jose Cuenú

The central defender arrives with good numbers from Atlético Bucaramanga and is very close to being made official by the club. He is strong in the air and in the one-on-one game. The ambassador coach was looking for such a player to give more competition to that area and also to have a good alternative to Andrés Llinás and Juan Pablo Vargas, fixed in the defensive zone.

Nelson deossa

He is one of the jewels of Atlético Huila, he is left-handed and can play on the wing or as inside. A mixed midfielder of only 21 years old who was one of the few standouts of the opita team. The player is also interested in Atlético Nacional.

Eduardo Sosa

The Jaguares midfielder recently confirmed to AS Colombia that although a formal offer has not yet been submitted by Millonarios, he would like to play for the Bogota team. Sosa is a modern ’10’ that interested Alberto Gamero when he faced him in Montería. That day he shone in the 4-3 victory and scored a great goal.

“I know there were approaches with some teams and things that were close to being closed, but at the moment I don’t know anything about Millionaires. Everyone knows what Millonarios represents in Colombia and South America, it would be very interesting for me and for my career “, he assured.

Larry Vasquez

According to journalist Diego Rueda, the steering wheel will not continue in Junior de Barranquilla and it interests Millonarios. Alberto Gamero directed it at Deportes Tolima. It gave him confidence after his time in Mexico and made him play 55 games in 2019. It could be a good complement in that first row of steering wheels, very important for the DT idea.

Fredy montero

Millonarios is looking for a scorer and knows that replacing Fernando Uribe will not be easy. You need a ‘9’ of experience and more for the Copa Libertadores. Fredy Montero would be interested in returning to Colombia after his time in MLS and the Bogota team would be an option. The forward was already dressed in blue in 2013, it was the luxury reinforcement of that year.

Possible exits

Esteban Ruiz, Breiner Paz and Ricardo Márquez could join the aforementioned outings. In addition, there would be several teams from abroad interested in signing Juan Pablo Vargas. The central defender is important at the start of the game and Millonarios will seek to retain him.

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