The Dakar can also be done by bicycle

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Juan Morera and the team MomaBikes Raid Team they are not content with facing the next Dakar at the wheel of a Fiat Panda. His challenge aims to go much further. With the car they hope to get enough sponsorship to buy 500 bicycles with which to promote education in Senegal through the NGO Bicycles without Borders, which is dedicated to ‘renting’ bikes to children and adolescents so that they can more easily travel the long distances that separate them from schools, in exchange for their studies. With the solidarity challenge that they undertake from Tuesday, December 21 to January 31, they hope to raise enough to send 500 more bicycles.

The challenge is simple.

It is about pedaling to cover the distance of 6,133 kilometers, the same that the cars will do on the Dakar route. How? Each participant in the challenge buys a number for 25 euros and sets a personal distance (100, 200 or 500 kilometers). During the time that the initiative lasts, you must accumulate kilometers with the rest of the solidarity cyclists until you reach the required distance.

Registrations can be made through the web There the kilometers of all those registered will be added and the progress in the purchase of bicycles will be checked. Each donor will be informed of the profile and evolution of the student who will use the bicycle.

The money collected will also be used to set up workshops in educational centers and hire mechanics to take care of the maintenance of bicycles, an essential measure so that they do not end up being abandoned in the event of any breakdown.

The bike sent to Senegal, called Baobike, has been specifically designed for the rough terrain of the African country. It is a robust bicycle, without change, with a development suitable for girls and boys, with a wide saddle and anti-puncture wheels.

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