The case around Sáblíková continues. The union confirmed the conflict with coach Novák

The case around speed skater Martina Sáblíková continues. On Tuesday afternoon, the management of the Czech Speed ​​Skating Association confirmed a dispute with the coach of the Olympic winner, Petr Novák, who was to invoice the exaggerated amounts for the training camp. Coach Petr Novák himself has already commented on the whole situation.

“Some members of the union had doubts about the amount of certain invoices for the concentration in Collalbo, Italy, which were submitted by Mr. Novak for billing and reimbursement of the union. Based on these doubts. documents and to explain some ambiguities, “ introduced the Czech Speed ​​Skating Association with chairwoman Marcela Bradová.

According to the website, which first informed about the conflict between coach Novák and the union, this is an amount of around 1.8 million crowns, which coach Martina Sáblíková should have asked for through exaggerated invoices for training camps in Italy.

The Czech Speed ​​Skating Association does not want to reimburse him for this amount, and the whole dispute was also affected by Martina Sáblíková’s weekend race in Calgary. The three-time Olympic winner withdrew from the 1,500-meter race and subsequently published a post on social media.

“I am sorry that I will not enter the 1,500 meter race. The reason is internal problems within our small association escalating during the qualifying races. I am sorry that some people do not respect fair play or team values. To the detriment of us all and our beautiful sport. . said Sáblíková, who had previously finished third on the double track (3,000 meters) in Calgary.

However, according to the Czech Speed ​​Skating Association, this case will not be resolved until after the Olympic season. “The association currently has priority in ensuring the running of the Olympic season, especially in terms of sports and organization,” the association adds in a statement.

Coach Petr Novák has already commented on the whole situation. “The only complaint I made was the settlement of the costs of the concentration in Collalbo, Italy, two years ago. stands at the introduction.

“The union’s control commission has started their follow-up inspection, which is fully within its competence. However, I would like to emphasize that the additional control of the event has been going on for almost a year and a half, I have provided all required documents to the union representatives “Any possible ambiguity concerns the purely administrative documentation of the whole action,” the coach continued.

He further says that the budget of the whole event was designed so that all participants in the training have the maximum possible service and care. He always wanted quality accommodation and all-day dining for players. Both for competitors with a professional contract and for young hopes. His goal was for parents not to have to pay extra.

“Our sport is already quite demanding for its members and family members. The overwhelming part of quality training takes place abroad, which by the way places great demands on communication with schools and other official institutions. cargo, there would simply be no youth, “ describes the situation of 73-year-old Novák.

“Unknowingly, I may not have always followed all the administrative manuals, which I have admitted several times within the association. However, I have always acted solely for the benefit of all competitors, regardless of age and performance, for the benefit of all speed skating.” defends the coach.

In addition, Novák’s contract ends at the end of the year and it is not known whether it will be extended. “I feel pressures within the movement not to extend my contract. The timing of the whole affair is not accidental for me. Personally, I will be satisfied if the whole topic is closed fairly and Czech speed skating can once again focus on the necessary sports development,” added at the end.

The Czech Olympic Committee has prepared a new collection for the Beijing Olympics:



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